Shift Planning Software

We’re Surfboard. The only shift planning software platform purpose-built for customer support teams.

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How does Surfboard work?


Surfboard predicts inflow to understand how many support agents are needed 12 weeks into the future.

Shift Planning Software

Customisable, easy-to-use shift planning allows you build shifts from scratch that suit your team and smash your KPIs.

vuesax/outline/timer Scheduling

Get a detailed view of your teams daily & weekly scheduled activities so you know you’ve got the right people, on the right tasks, at the right time.


Surfboard empowers support teams to communicate through Slack notifications, messaging, and task reminders.

Luke Bishop, Head of CX, KatKin

“I genuinely believe Surfboard is game-changing and ultimately a must-have for start-ups once they drift into 15+ seats.”

Luke Bishop, Head of CX, KatKin

Shift Planning Software

Surfboard is an intuitive platform that allows you to build your teams shifts from scratch, suiting their needs and ensuring you meet your KPI targets.

Surfboard shift planner makes a customer support agents life better, and happy teams make for happy customers.

shift settings
product screenshot of a support team schedule within the Surfboard platform


Surfboard lets managers automate the boring scheduling stuff so they can spend time doing more meaningful work, like coaching their team or improving processes.

Customer support teams that are well-trained, developed, and motivated are guaranteed to provide great customer experiences.


Surfboard forecasting lets support teams predict their future demand using historical ticket data.

Accurately match support request levels with agent availability, ensuring great customer experience. 

forecast adjustment screenshot
surfboard for slack integration showing notifcations


Surfboards integration with Slack lets support teams stay connected throughout the day.

It also sends shift reminders and notifications for managers and support agents whenever their schedule changes, so they can focus on helping customers.

Connections & Integrations

Surfboard connects with your existing systems, making it the single source of truth for your support team.

Connect your HRIS, payroll & billing, CRM, and time off systems.  

connection to integrations illustration
Maja Basinksa from wolf and badger

“Thanks to Surfboard, we enjoy automated schedules, tasks and shift rotations. The team absolutely loves how user-friendly Surfboard is, and we’re all happy to be a part of the scheduling world revolution.”

Maja Basinska, Scheduling Executive, Wolf & Badger


Surfboard is built for teams of all shapes and sizes, and so are our pricing plans.
Choose the plan that’s right for your team and only pay for what you need.


per surfer / per month

  • Integrations & connections
  • Communication via Slack
  • Calendar integrations
  • Shift planning
  • Shift pattern builder
  • Round robin scheduling
  • Timezone management


per surfer / per month

  • Everything in starters, plus:
  • Intraday activity scheduling
  • Granular activity settings
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Comprehensive onboarding
  • 24/7 support


customised pricing

  • Everything in starters & scalers, plus:
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Inbound demand prediciton
  • Accurate reporting

Surfboard: Shift Planning Software for Customer Support Teams

Want to learn how Surfboard works? See it in action for yourself.

prodcut schreenshot of the surfboard product showing collaborative software