Surfboard vs Injixo: A 2023 comparison

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Picking the right workforce and scheduling platform is important.

Injixo is a popular choice for managing your workforce. It has several useful features and can work well with other tools to improve productivity.

But Injixo has a few setbacks, and there are better Injixo alternatives, like Surfboard.

Surfboard has a simple interface that’s easy to use and powerful scheduling features that can meet the needs of your growing business. Not only this, Surfboard has a lot more to offer. 

Here’s a head-to-head comparison.

Surfboard vs Injixo– At a glance

Here’s a quick breakdown of the features of Injixo and Injixo alternative, Surfboard:

Bases of comparison Surfboard Injixo
Capabilities Forecast integrated scheduling, shift planning, activity scheduling, timezone tools, draft and publish tools, and configurable coverage rules for efficient workforce planning management. Workforce forecasts and plans, real-time management metrics.
Ease of use User-friendly and intuitive interface for a seamless and effortless experience.
Surfboard is built equally for managers and customer service agents (surfers), creating value for your entire team.
Longer onboarding with custom education required for power users. Lack of simplicity and ease of use referred to in reviews.
Customer support Consistent and active customer support. Customers get dedicated Slack channels and a customer success manager with monthly check-ins. Quarterly business reviews with enterprise customers.
Integrations Surfboard integrates into your entire tech stack, connecting your disparate systems into one unified data view. This goes beyond just your ticketing / telephony provider and includes time off systems (Bamboo HR, Personio, Charlie HR etc.), calendars (Google / Outlook calendar), and messaging (Slack)
Integrated into Zendesk, Intercom, Twilio, Aircall, Salesforce, Dixa, Kustomer and Front. This means you aren’t locked into a specific provider and if you add or change your tools for any channel, Surfboard can still support you.
Direct integration options for various cloud-based and on-premise ACDs and other systems.
Rating G2 Surfboard rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars. G2 Injixo rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars.

About Surfboard

Injixo alternatives

Surfboard is an advanced workforce management solution that streamlines scheduling and shift planning for support teams. With accurate forecasts and seamless integration with existing systems, Surfboard keeps your team organised and in control.

Injixo alternatives

Known by industry-leading support teams, Surfboard acts as a central hub by connecting with essential systems such as HRIS, payroll & billing, CRM, ticketing, and time off. It serves as the single source of truth for your support operations.

When creating shifts in Surfboard, you have the flexibility to designate the desired timezone. The platform automatically adjusts the shift’s hours based on the specified timezone, simplifying the scheduling process.

Surfboard empowers support teams with efficient shift planning, seamless integrations, and timezone customisation, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity.

Key features

  • Surfboard’s shift pattern builder is customisable and user-friendly, allowing flexibility in creating shift patterns.
  • The round-robin tool automates the fair distribution of additional shifts among team members, eliminating manual tracking of turn rotations during schedule planning.
  • For geographically-distributed teams, Surfboard allows collaboration among team leaders to share the responsibility of accommodating local contracts and labour laws. This collaboration takes place within the Surfboard’s plan feature.
  • With Surfboard’s activity plans feature, you can define rules for each channel and task, enabling precise scheduling of your team’s time based on your priorities and specific requirements. These extend beyond core service tasks to any project, admin or customised work your team members are skilled to do during the day such as refunds or bill fixes.
  • Leveraging historical ticket data, Surfboard utilises predictive analytics to estimate ticket inflow and accurately determine the optimal number of support staff required up to 12 weeks in advance.
  • Each shift is tagged with time zones and locations, providing a comprehensive overview of all shifts across different geographies. Shifts can be customised per surfer (agent) based on the rotations their working hours are based on. This means if you have someone work 9 AM – 5 PM one day, 10 AM – 6 PM the next day and 11 AM – 7 PM the following day, this can all be automated within Surfboard.
  • Seamlessly integrates time offs into schedules through iCal links, simplifying the management of international teams and ensuring accurate tracking of leaves. 
  • Provides intuitive shift planning with customisable patterns and automatic shift assignments as far in advance as you want to publish schedules Shifts can also be left in draft mode before publishing.


  • Surfboard’s shift pattern builder is highly flexible, allowing you to easily create long and complex rotations, such as a 24/7 or Panama shift pattern, and simple Monday-to-Friday schedules.
  • The shift pattern builder in Surfboard lets you plan up to 3 split shifts per surfer per day, providing greater flexibility to accommodate various flexible working arrangements.
  • Draft shifts are visible within the planner account in Surfboard, creating a secure environment for making edits and collaborating with other team leads, ensuring smooth coordination.
  • Surfboard’s support team actively listens to feedback and swiftly implements necessary fixes and improvements based on user input, ensuring a responsive and customer-centric approach.
  • Surfboard’s support team actively values user feedback and promptly implements necessary fixes and improvements, ensuring a responsive and customer-centric approach to service.
  • Stay informed and prepared throughout the day with Surfboard’s activity coverage bars updated every 30 minutes.



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About Injixo

Injixo is a cloud-based workforce management (WFM) platform designed to meet the needs of contact centres that tend to be mid-sized. Injixo’s product is focused on forecasting across it’s specific tech stack, with scheduling and adherence models as well. 

Key features

  • Forecast workloads across various channels like calls, chat, email, social media, and more.
  • Visualise forecasted data in dashboards and compare them against actuals 
  • Build shift sequences and set availability and absence quotas 
  • Create and save WFM key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards.
  • Dashboarding with information across the WFM system
  • Apply a grace period for surfers temporarily out of adherence and run historical adherence and conformance reports for evaluations and assessments.
  • Surfers can view their shifts, request vacation, swap shifts, bid for shifts, and receive schedule adherence reminders
  • Vacation requests 

Why choose Surfboard over Injixo?

When it comes to choosing the right workforce management software, Surfboard emerges as an easier-to-use, more efficient and quicker evolving  alternative between Surfboard vs Assembled.  

Here are some of the reasons why Injixo’s competitor Surfboard is the better choice:

Slack integration

Surfboard, the Injixo alternative, offers Slack integration to provide notifications and improve collaboration for customer support teams. Through Slack status emojis, surfers can see their upcoming tasks and teammates’ activities. The integration automates task reminders, reducing the need for manual messaging. Surfers can sync their Slack status with their Surfboard schedule for real-time updates.

Additional capabilities

Between Surfboard vs Injixo, Surfboard offers some additional features.

Round-robin scheduling: Round-robin scheduling, a feature provided by Surfboard, ensures fair distribution of shifts among team members. It allows for the equitable sharing of less desirable shifts, reducing burnout and increasing morale. The tool can be used for shift planning, activity scheduling, and on-call coverage. 

Draft and publish: Surfboard’s draft and publish feature allows managers to prepare shift schedules in advance and choose when to share them with the team. It provides full control over which parts of the schedule to share, making it easy to share schedules for specific periods or round-robin rotations. Edits can be made in a draft mode, ensuring accuracy before publishing. With instant updates, the team can access the latest version of their shift schedule.

Want more reasons to choose Surfboard over Injixo?

Here’s how we made a significant impression on Lick. Surfboard’s automated scheduling, integrated forecasting, intuitive interface, and schedule heatmaps resulted in a 75% reduction in time spent on planning.

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“Thanks to Surfboard, our surfers know that they’re on a channel for a reason and as a result, our SLAs and KPIs have improved massively and all without the headache of having to draw up a rota on a Google Sheet.”

           – Rose Goodboady, Decrpator Success Manager, Lick Home

Ready to optimise your team planning? 

Take the first step and book a demo to discover how Surfboard can help.


How to choose workforce management software?

Here are some key points to consider when choosing workforce management software:

  • Identify your needs: Understand your organisation’s specific workforce management requirements
  • Scalability: Choose software that can accommodate your current team size and can scale as your organisation grows
  • User-friendly interface: Opt for software with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to ensure smooth adoption and minimise training time.
  • Integration capabilities: Look for software that integrates with other systems or tools your organisation already uses.
  • Mobile accessibility: Consider software that offers mobile accessibility, allowing employees and managers to access and manage schedules on the go.
  • Analytics and reporting: Ensure the software provides robust analytics and reporting features to gain insights into workforce performance, productivity, and labour costs.

Why should one choose a Surfboard over Injixo?

Here’s why one should choose Surfboard, the Injixo competitor:

  • Flexible pricing: Surfboard offers flexible pricing options for teams of all sizes, unlike Injixo, which offers expensive pricing tiers.
  • Slack integration: Surfboard integrates seamlessly with Slack, improving collaboration for customer support teams. 
  • Round-robin scheduling: Surfboard’s round-robin scheduling feature ensures a fair distribution of shifts among team members. 
  • Draft and publish: Surfboard allows managers to draft and prepare shift schedules in advance. 

Why is the Surfboard the best alternative to Injixo?

Surfboard offers more affordable pricing starting at $10 per month, whereas Injixo plans start at $299 per month. Despite the significant price difference, Surfboard provides several beneficial features:

  • Surfboard prioritises a user-friendly experience, making it easy for support teams to navigate and use the scheduling software.
  • Surfboard seamlessly integrates with various existing systems such as HRIS, payroll, CRM, ticketing, etc. 
  • Surfboard allows for the creation of shifts tailored to the team’s unique needs. With Surfboard, teams can easily build shifts from scratch, ensuring the right coverage across the service. 
  • Slack integration enables regular schedule notifications and easy access to schedules.

What does workforce management software do?

Workforce management software provides tools and functionalities to manage and optimise an organisation’s workforce efficiently. Here are the key functions it typically performs:

  • Scheduling: Automates the creation and management of employee schedules.
  • Time and attendance tracking: Tracks employee attendance, hours worked, and time-off requests.
  • Forecasting and demand planning: Analyses historical data and trends to predict workforce requirements, ensuring the right staffing levels.
  • Task assignment and tracking: Assigns tasks or projects to employees and tracks their progress.
  • Reporting and analytics: Generate reports and provides analytics on various workforce metrics and insights.