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Surfer performance
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Nora Beqaj , Operations

We’ve built a dashboard so managers can see how their team and individual surfers are performing. This helps customer service teams standardise metrics, avoid micromanaging and reward team members who are outperforming.

Our performance dashboard gives teams visibility into their overall performance and individual surfer metrics displaying the most important metrics for service teams:

  • % of tickets responded to within target response time: Is your team delighting customers with quick responses?
  • Number of tickets per hour: Are your surfers productive enough to avoid building up a backlog or long queues? Are they meeting their targets?
  • Customer satisfaction (average and per surfer): Is your team delivering high quality service and how loved are they by your customers?
  • Average handle time (average and per surfer): How quickly is your team able to solve customer queries?

By visualising how teams are performing on these metrics, we’re excited that managers have the tools to be able to recognise the efforts of their team members and identify specific areas where more coaching might be needed. There is not a single metric more important than others and we’ve built this dashboard to combine the quantitative and qualitative ways of measuring a service team.

Happiness as a metric

Just like Bhutan uses a Gross National Happiness (GNH) measure, Surfboard is going to measure Surfer happiness alongside more traditional productivity and quality metrics. This will be a small but important feature in our mission to create happy teams and happy customers.

Our dashboard also allows teams to recognise the fastest surfers (lowest average handle time), the most loved surfers (highest CSAT) and the most efficient surfers (highest tickets per hour). And we’ll build out surfer performance in the surfer dashboard so they can see how they are doing and can self-manage.

Empower better capacity planning

Performance metrics are an important input into Surfboard’s end-to-end planning solution. When scheduling a team to delight customers, the two key questions are:

  1. Do I have enough people to respond fast enough?; and
  2. Are my team productive enough? Productivity is a symptom of a motivated and well trained team.

Our performance metrics feature helps service teams answer the second question without going into any intrusive time tracking that make surfers feel surveilled.

More features coming soon

We’ve just gotten started on building out performance metrics. We’ll move towards offering these in more real time and expand the metrics we show, reflecting Surfer feedback as well. We’re hoping managers will find this a useful tool in empowering their team and directing coaching efforts.