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Surfboard integrates with Salesforce
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We know how crucial it is to keep your customers happy and satisfied. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest one-click integration with Salesforce. This dynamic integration is here to revolutionise your customer support operations, helping you accurately forecast customers’ questions, feedback, or issues through cases, schedule effectively, and meet those all-important service level agreements (SLAs). Let’s dive into Surfboard’s Salesforce integration.

Seamless integration and lightning-fast set-up

We know time is money, and we’re all about speed and simplicity. With Surfboard’s Salesforce integration, connecting your accounts is as easy as riding a wave. In just 24 hours, you’ll be up and running, generating those forecasts and riding the tide of efficiency.

And, there are no complex configurations or never-ending implementation timelines here. Surfboard’s one-click integration with Salesforce is as seamless as any of our other integrations.

Surfboard integrates with your existing systems

Accurate customer support forecasting for better planning

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to accurate forecasting with Surfboard’s Salesforce integration. Now, you can effortlessly predict the number of customer queries you’ll receive, from a mere hour ahead to a whopping 12 weeks in advance.

By leveraging historical data and using some fancy algorithms, Surfboard automates the forecasting process; with these insights at your fingertips, you’ll make data-driven decisions to optimise staffing levels, ensuring you have just the right number of surfers available to tackle customer cases like true champs.

Surfboard generates staffing forecasts based on historical Salesforce data

Fine-tuned forecasting with ticket groups

With Surfboard’s Salesforce integration, you can organise your forecasts into ‘ticket groups’. Whether it’s top priority customers, specialist topics or different languages, Surfboard’s ticket group functionality lets you fine-tune your forecasts with precision.

Surfboard automatically pulls in the conditions you already use in Salesforce, like case numbers, status’, IDs and much more, so you can replicate your set up in Surfboard in no time. By breaking it down, you can allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring no wave goes unridden and no customer gets left hanging.

Get more control with forecast adjustments

We know that sometimes automated forecasting can only get you so far, after all, we can’t predict everything. That’s why we also provide forecast adjustment tools, letting you easily adjust your forecast up or down to plan for upcoming events, sales, or seasonal changes that can affect your customer interactions.

These adjustments sit on top of your automatically generated Salesforce forecasts to give you a more accurate picture of the type of day you’re planning for, and is boosted with Surfboard’s coverage calculations. Don’t get ready, stay ready!

Make adjustments to your Salesforce forecast

Optimise activity coverage

Hang ten with Surfboard’s Salesforce integration, and easily optimise your coverage like a pro. By connecting your Salesforce ticket groups to your team’s daily activities, you can more accurately plan for the coverage you need, so you’ll know exactly when the big swells are coming. Surfboard’s coverage bars let you track the coverage you have across every 30 minutes of the day so you’re always in control of your schedule.

By tracking coverage accurately, you can allocate your resources smartly and prevent any wipeouts caused by understaffing or overstaffing.

Easily plan for optimum coverage with integrated Salesforce forecasting

Surfboard’s integration with Salesforce is here to transform your customer service operations into a smooth and frictionless experience. Say goodbye to the guesswork, and embrace the power of accurate forecasting, efficient scheduling, and SLA achievements. With Surfboard’s Salesforce integration, you can supercharge your customer service, making your customers happier than ever before. Let Surfboard be your trusted companion in your team’s journey to customer satisfaction. Ride the wave of success with Surfboard’s Salesforce integration today!

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