Surfboard for Help Scout

Forecast demand, create demand-led schedules and facilitate real-time management by integrating your Help Scout data into Surfboard WFM.

Surfboard Helpscout WFM integration

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Utilise your Help Scout data

Help Scout is a popular customer support platform designed to help businesses manage their customer interactions more effectively. It provides tools for managing emails, live chat, and customer knowledge bases all in one place. Help Scout aims to streamline customer support processes, improve team collaboration, and enhance customer satisfaction. 


Surfboard offers a seamless integration into Help Scout, utilising ticketing data to powers accurate forecasting and scheduling.

Alex Fitzgerald

"As our team grew by 20x in 18 months, Surfboard was exactly what we needed to maintain high quality customer service at scale. Surfboard automatically schedules our team to meet our SLAs in the most efficient way possible. With Surfboard, I have full confidence that our customer experience team is running to plan and that we’re able to provide fast response times in line with what our customers expect of us."

Alex Fitzgerland, Founder, Cuckoo


Forecasting for Help Scout

Surfboard can be tailored to align precisely with your Help Scout setup, accommodating specific configurations such as email and live chat support. Whether your customer inquiries are segmented by language preferences, tiers or topics, Surfboard can mirror this set-up in its forecasting. Produce accurate staffing requirements for each channel through customisable shrinkage, concurrency and more.

Customer support teams can forecast ticket volumes and generate staffing requirements by combining Dixa data with Surfboard WFM
Surfboard's real-time dashboard, intraday schedule and shrinkage reports

Real-time monitoring for Help Scout

Surfboard offers real-time insight into how your team capacity is split across different Help Scout channels. This visibility allows you to monitor everything from email to live chat support or offline tasks. If you see a spike in wait times, chat queues or a drop in SLAs, Surfboard enables you to promptly redeploy agents to tackle these backlogs with just a click, ensuring efficient queue management and faster response times.


Scheduling for Help Scout

Surfboard seamlessly integrates with Help Scout, empowering businesses to optimise workforce scheduling for their customer support teams. Surfboard’s shift management software enables managers to create tailored schedules based on agent availability, skill sets, and customer demand patterns. Leveraging data from Help Scout, Surfboard’s dynamic and automated intraday scheduling enhances productivity, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Surfboard's intuitive UI showing an automated intraday schedule

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