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Lower costs, better SLAs

Highly configurable

vuesax/outline/data integrate: Connect your existing tools

Connect your ticketing systems

Sync your team’s time off

vuesax/outline/setting-2 setup: Customise everything

Build forecasts the way you want them

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Set up in days,
not months.

Fully customisable activities

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Ultra flexible shift scheduling

vuesax/outline/star automate: Be good busy

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Detailed ticket and staffing forecasts

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Improvement in forecasting


Reduction in planning time

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Schedule your team automatically

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REPORTING: Get analytical

Understand how your team really work


Improvement in productivity

 By tracking time on-task and holding surfers accountable

Get insights into shrinkage

Surfboard's real-time dashboard, intraday schedule and shrinkage reports

Make decisions in real-time

“I can’t imagine how we would do anything without Surfboard. As our team has grown, it’s grown with us. We’ve got multiple outsourced teams and Surfboard makes it really easy to manage them all in a democratic and simple way.”

Isobel Mills, Lead Customer Delight Manager, Bloom & Wild

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