Value from day one

We have built Surfboard to support your team from the first moment. Not after months of onboarding. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to start getting your time back.

vuesax/outline/data integrate: It doesn’t need to get worse to get better

Connect to your existing tools

Integrates with your existing customer service platforms so the way you handle your tickets doesn’t change 

integration partners

Link to time off calendars

Connect to HR systems and calendars to gather your team’s time off

Time off intergration

vuesax/outline/setting-2 setup: Set it and forget it

Build forecasts the way you want them

Simple but powerful filtering allows you to group your tickets to reflect your customer channels or how your team is structured

Set up in minutes, not months.

Fully customisable activities

Schedule for both service and non service tasks to ensure your team have time for admin, training or development

Ultra flexible shift patterns

Create custom shift patterns for each of your surfers’ needs and working styles, including rotations.

vuesax/outline/star run: Be good busy

Detailed ticket and staffing forecasts

Plan effectively by getting accurate forecasts 12 weeks in advance

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Improvement in forecasting

Granular forecasts have improved our customers’ ability to plan for peaks and manage outsourcing


Reduction in planning time

Automated schedules have reduced the time our customers spend on planning and scheduling their team

Schedule your team automatically

Intelligently combine forecasts, and team settings to automatically schedule shifts and daily activities in a fair and balanced way

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Surfboard helps us organise ourselves better, cover all our responsibilities and provide better service to our customers. Additionally, we used to manually manage scheduling ourselves and now Surfboard manages most of it, saving us time in both creating and making changes.

Marina Romero, Customer Love Manager, Freshly Cosmetics

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