Shift Management Software: Supercharge your support team’s success with intuitive shift planning

Build shift plans and schedules based on the unique needs of your team and streamline scheduling in your customer support operations with one source of truth.

Why shift planning software?

vuesax/outline/star Efficient time management

Reduce time spent scheduling by 80% while lowering your labour costs and minimising effort with Surfboard’s shift planning software.

Seamless integrations

Effortlessly integrate our shift planning software with your existing systems. Streamline your operations and facilitate smooth coordination across different business functions.

Improved employee retention

Improve employee satisfaction and retention rates through accurate, flexible, and fair schedules that cater to their needs and preferences.

Surfboard shift planning

Stay prepared

Get ahead of spikes in demand and plan your internal or outsourced teams for busy periods.

Quickly adapt your schedule using Shift Plans, while taking timezones, rotations, and time off into account.

Plan holistically

Support teams who use our intuitive, interactive shift pattern builder enjoy more flexible working patterns, feel more in control of their schedule, and can easily plan for shift patterns and rotations in any timezone.

Surfboard's interactive shift pattern builder

Fairer Round Robins

Surfboard’s Round Robin scheduling tool fairly automates and distributes shifts and time off in lieu across team members, reducing burnout and increasing morale.

Synced time off

Stop asking your team to book their holiday twice – Surfboard syncs time off seamlessly into your schedule through iCal links.

Teams can add as many calendars as they need, making managing international teams a whole lot simpler.

Say goodbye to timezone maths

Schedule shifts in any timezone, just tell us where your team are based, and we’ll do the rest. Remove the chaos of managing different timezones.

Plan shifts in any timezone

Publish when you’re ready

Make tweaks, collaborate with other team leads, and accommodate for time off in draft mode. Then publish whenever you’re ready.

Choose how far in advance you want to publish the schedule for your team, giving you more control and giving your team more autonomy over their schedule.

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Hear how other teams are using Surfboard’s efficient, easy to use and surfer-friendly shift scheduling tools.

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Shift scheduling in action

Experience a whistle-stop interactive product tour of Surfboard’s shift plans and schedule.

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Detailed forecasting

Use your historical ticket data to predict inflow and understand how many surfers you need 12 weeks into the future.


Intraday activity scheduling

Automatically schedule your team’s daily activities so they know what they’re working on.

Activity Scheduling

Customer support scheduling software

Build customised shifts from scratch, automate staff rotation plans, and easily manage timezone differences – all from a single platform.


ROI with Surfboard

Avoid last-minute no-shows and boost your team’s productivity with customisable shift plans to achieve returns like never before.

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