Call centre reporting and analytics

Workforce management reporting for customer support teams including adherence, shrinkage and forecasting accuracy





Improve efficiency through schedule analysis

Call centre reporting and analytics dashboard showing shrinkage, forecast accuracy and adherence.
Schedule adherence timeline within Surfboard

Seamlessly track productivity and time-on-task

Trend graph for the service heros team, highlighting that Bogdan was the top performer

Easy time management

Three modules in Surfboard showing clocking in, overtime reporting and a shift summary
Liam Nooney from Butternut Box holding a lovely pooch

The most important thing for us when looking for a new scheduling system was an aligned experience across all tools and software that we use, we use multiple platforms on a daily basis and so a seamless integration was key. With Surfboard, we found that.

Liam Nooney, Customer Love Team Lead, Butternut Box

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