Plans for everyone


  • Automated intraday scheduling for service and non-service tasks
  • Shift planning including rotations and round robins
  • Time off and HRIS integrations
  • Clock in/out, overtime and timesheet exports
  • Timezone management
  • Slack and Calendar integrations (Google, Outlook)
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Pro ⭐️

  • Everything in Scalers
  • Ticketing and telephony system integrations
  • Forecasting by custom channel
  • Performance and schedule analytics
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Monthly business reviews
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  • Everything in Pro
  • Real-time management dashboards
  • Real-time adherence and performance metrics
  • Monthly and quarterly executive business reviews
  • Enterprise grade security including SAML SSO
  • Custom data exports
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Unlimited ticketing platform integrations
Accurate forecasting
Forecast by custom channel or inbox
SLA driven capacity planning
Compare forecast with actuals
Make forecast adjustments
Set custom shrinkage levels
Concurrency calculations
Scenario planning tools

Exportable timesheets
Clock-in and clock-out reporting
Overtime reporting
Schedule analytics and insights
Shrinkage reporting
Coverage accuracy analysis
Track agent utilisation
Track agent productivity
Track agent adherence (time-on-task)
Real-time adherence and productivity

Shift planningScalersProEnterprise
Reusable shift plans
Rotating shift patterns
Automated Round Robins
Time off in lieu scheduling
Split shift scheduling
Time off integrations
Compliance with contracted hours
Draft and publish control
Overtime scheduling and tracking
Collect working availability
Shift swap and change requests
Break scheduling

Intraday schedulingScalersProEnterprise
Automated intraday scheduling
Fair time allocation and distribution
Sync external meetings
Schedule by skill
Schedule according to a forecast
Schedule to meet a time target for offline tasks
Shift-specific intraday planning
Track channel coverage
Quick and easy editing tools
Draft and publish control
Concurrent activity scheduling
Utilisation tracking
Real-time editing

Password login and Google SSO
SOC2 certification
Timezone management tools
Custom team structure
Mobile-friendly surfer (agent) account
Custom user permissions
Pull data from external calendars
Export schedule to external calendars
Slack integration for notifications
Dedicated customer success manager
Monthly business reviews
Executive business reviews

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