WFM that makes work more human.

Customer service teams no longer have to make trade-offs between their costs, quality of support, and agent happiness. For too long, WFM tools have put the priorities of agents, managers and customers at odds with each other. Surfboard is built to create the best outcomes for everyone. Better response times for customers, smarter automation and insight for managers, and a flexible, fair work environment for agents (or as we call them, surfers).

Our story started in 2020

While running the support function at the largest renewable energy provider in the UK, Natasha was unable to find a fit-for-purpose WFM. Surfboard was founded to provide a more intelligent and fair WFM.

Made for and with support teams

When we started, we partnered with 8 customer-obsessed support teams to develop Surfboard. We continuously research to ensure we’re focused on the real issues modern support teams face.

Based in London, operating globally

Our small but mighty team work out our office in Shoreditch in London, UK. We’re proud to have a diverse team made up of great thinkers, who are passionate about our mission.


We care about building what matters. The product is driven through extensive research with representatives from all areas of a support function; from leadership to workforce managers and agents. No user is an afterthought at Surfboard, and we’re passionate about building the most intuitive and easy to use platform on the market.


Unlike old school WFMs, Surfboard’s highly configurable interface allows you to replicate and enhance your existing ways of working, rather than forcing you to conform to out-dated systems.


Surfboard’s range of integrations into CRMs, telephony systems, calendars and Slack mean that your entire workflow can be automated from end-to-end; from planning all the way through to performance monitoring. 


Surfboard automatically generates optimal schedules based on forecasts and insights to ensure customer support teams are guaranteed to meet their service level targets. By codifying  companies existing constraints, such as contracted hours, labour laws and agent skills, Surfboard does the hard work for you. 


Surfboard goes beyond just scheduling “bums on seats”. Our intelligent system ensures work is fairly distributed avoiding burnout, boredom and attrition. 


From ensuring performance metrics are visible to both managers and agents to surfacing schedule insights around how time is spent across the team, Surfboard is built for organisations that care about providing a meaningful work experience for their teams.

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Founder & CEO

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Customer Success

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Floyd Cousins


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