Surfboard for Zendesk

Forecast demand, create schedules and track performance by integrating your Zendesk email, voice or messaging ticket data.

Surfboard workforce management integration with Zendesk for customer support teams

Used by leading support teams

Utilise your Zendesk data

To manage a support team effectively, you need a reliable system that aligns supply and demand to generate the ideal schedule, ensuring no customers are left waiting.


This involves accurate forecasting, precise scheduling, and monitoring adherence to schedules within a productive team.


Understanding your inflow patterns is crucial – knowing when and why customers get in touch, and ensuring you have enough people available to provide timely, high quality responses, all while maintaining a competitive cost advantage of your support team.

Isobel Mills

"I can’t imagine how we would do anything without Surfboard. As our team has grown, it’s grown with us. We’ve got multiple outsourced teams and Surfboard makes it really easy to manage them all in a democratic and simple way."

Isobel Mills, Lead Customer Delight Manager, Bloom & Wild


Forecasting for Zendesk

Surfboard seamlessly integrates into Zendesk, pulling ticket volumes to feed our forecasting engine. With custom forecasting, you can tailor your forecast based on language, geography, query type, or any other Zendesk customisation.


Surfboard maps to Zendesk, pulling the relevant fields in Zendesk such as assignee, channel, group, problem, requester, satisfaction rating, status, tags or view. 


This means, your forecast can go into as much detail as you want, ensuring accurate data transfers, enabling powerful forecasting.


Schedule adherence for Zendesk

After generating a schedule with Surfboard, our Zendesk integration provides deeper insights into schedule adherence by monitoring agent activity within Zendesk.


This means, you can track whether agents resolve, open, or close tickets within their scheduled time in Zendesk, along with the number of tickets they interact with—giving visibility into both adherence and agent productivity.


The adherence data is accessible to both managers and agents, empowering agents to manage their own performance.

How teams use Surfboard with Zendesk

Pranjal Arya of Hometree

"The return on investment of Surfboard was already obvious by saving team leads within the organisation over 30 hours per month. Surfboard offers a refreshing experience compared to other workforce management software and it’s important that for a growing company like ours, we work with a modern tech stack."

Pranjal Arya, CCO, Hometree

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