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Surfboard and Freshly Cosmetics success story

Freshly Cosmetics is an online provider of natural and cruelty-free beauty products. With operations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and the UK, Freshly has an internal customer love team of 30. They respond to customer questions over the phone, email, chat, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Freshly began working with Surfboard to benefit from automated forecasting and fair scheduling. Surfboard schedules ensure Freshly surfers get enough time to work on non-service related projects in addition to providing service on different channels.

After inputting the skills and availability of different team members, the Freshly team receives weekly schedules so they know where to be and when. These schedules are tied to Surfboard forecasts so Freshly always has enough people to cover their channels but in a fair way for their employees.

Surfboard schedules ensure the customer love team gets enough time to work on non-service related projects in addition to providing service on different channels. They are using Surfboard’s “20% time” feature.

marina from freshly cosmetics

Surfboard helps us organise ourselves better, cover all our responsibilities and provide better service to our customers. Additionally, we used to manually manage scheduling ourselves and now Surfboard manages most of it, saving us time in both creating and making changes.

Marina Romero, Customer Love Manager, Freshly Cosmetics

Preparing for Black Friday

The month around Black Friday and immediately after is always the busiest time for Freshly’s customer love team. Planning for this time requires significant time and additional team capacity.

Freshly worked with Surfboard to prepare schedules and forecasting in advance. Through ingesting Freshly’s growth model, Surfboard adjusted forecasts and schedules so that Freshly would have enough people at all times to provide excellent service during this critical month for their customers.

Having Surfboard support team planning reduced time spent on scheduling and forecasting in an otherwise chaotic month.

marina from freshly cosmetics

We had a larger team supporting us in Customer Love during Black Month in order to assist our customers efficiently and quickly. Surfboard adapted schedules accordingly, as well as managing the new tasks that needed to be organised. Schedules were created in record time taking all the alterations into account.

Marina Romero, Customer Love Manager, Freshly Cosmetics