Surfboard for Intercom

Forecast demand, create schedules and track performance by integrating your Intercom ticket data.

Surfboard workforce management integration with Intercom for customer support teams

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Utilise your Intercom data

Intercom is an extremely powerful tool for live chat and email support. With their new phone support offering, they’ve become truly omnichannel. 



For teams with high live chat and email volume, wanting to avoid queues and backlogs, getting correct forecasting and SLA driven scheduling is imperative. With Surfboard for Intercom, you can also see what activity is happening within Intercom to get a sense of how well schedules are being followed. 

Alex Fitzgerald

"As our team grew by 20x in 18 months, Surfboard was exactly what we needed to maintain high quality customer service at scale. Surfboard automatically schedules our team to meet our SLAs in the most efficient way possible. With Surfboard, I have full confidence that our customer experience team is running to plan and that we’re able to provide fast response times in line with what our customers expect of us."

Alex Fitzgerland, Founder, Cuckoo


Forecasting for Intercom

Surfboard integrates quickly and accurately into Intercom, extracting inflow volumes to drive correct forecasting for the purpose of capacity planning. With customised forecasting, your forecast can be split based on ticket tags or sources such as languages, ticket types, customer type or country. 


Surfboard directly maps it’s set up to how your Intercom is set up, pulling the relevant fields in Intercom such as source type, tags or team assignee ensuring powerful and accurate forecasting. 

Customer support teams can track adherence and productivity in Intercom with Surfboard WFM

Schedule adherence for Intercom

Surfboard’s Intercom integration allows you to see how well schedules are being followed, or adhered to, by monitoring agent activity within Intercom. 


Whether an agent is commenting on, opening, or closing tickets within their allocated time in Intercom, you’ll be able to see whether they’re “on-task” and what their productivity is. 


Other workforce management systems only track “status” within Intercom (online or offline), by going the layer detail in showing the number of interactions with tickets, you get a true sense of adherence. 


Surfboard’s time-on-task data is available for both managers and surfers (agents), enabling agents to monitor their own metrics and ensure two-way accountability.

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Our partnership ensures a smooth migration for both your ticketing and workforce management systems. Trust us to guide you through the process, so you can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional support.

Surfboard and Intercom partnership

How teams use Surfboard with Intercom

Phil Andrews of Mercuryo

"I had worked with other workforce management systems before and looked to Surfboard to give me a single source of truth but with a relentless focus on building what matters really well, rather than building too much the way other systems have done."

Phil Andrews, Head of Customer Operations, Mercuryo

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