Activity scheduling software: Smarter, fairer, automated intraday activity scheduling

Generate detailed daily activity schedules for each surfer, so you know you’ve got the right people on the right tasks at the right time.

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Totally automatic

Tell Surfboard your scheduling rules and priorities and automate your scheduling across days, weeks and months.

Powered by forecasts

Link activities to forecasts to ensure you have the right coverage to meet your targets, every day.


Fairness baked in

Surfboard fairly rotates activities between surfers to meet your rules while giving your team fresh, fair schedules.

Surfboard intraday scheduling

Plan once, schedule automatically

Activity Plans let you schedule your team’s time in different ways, so you can quickly and easily adapt the schedule to suit your priorities and needs.

Ensure you have the right coverage

Create coverage rules for each of your activities, so you can ensure you have the right number of surfers online to meet the inflow patterns of your customers across different times, days and weeks.

Plan multiple countries, all at once

Schedule international teams easily by using timezones to automate your scheduling. Quickly view the schedule in any timezone you need to and easily schedule channels in multiple languages using surfer skills.

Make sure everything gets done

Using priorities, Surfboard enables you to optimise the amount of time surfers work on your most important channels and tasks, while fitting in other activities like admin or training when demand is lower.

Keep your team on task

Surfers have a simple view of their most recently published intraday schedule, as well as a live list of who they’re working with.

Surfboard’s Slack App send surfers updates to keep them on task throughout their shift.

Activity scheduling in action

Experience a whistle-stop interactive product tour of Surfboard’s activity scheduling software

Luke Bishop, Head of CX, KatKin

I genuinely believe Surfboard is game-changing and ultimately a must-have for start-ups once they drift in 15+ seats.”

Luke Bishop, Head of CX, KatKin

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What else can you do with Surfboard?

Detailed forecasting

Use your historical ticket data to predict inflow and understand how many surfers you need 12 weeks into the future.

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