Surfboard for Slack

Improve support team adherence, productivity and team connection with Surfboard’s Slack WFM integration.

Surfboard App for Slack

Used by leading support teams

Lose the tabs. Keep it in Slack.

We’ve heard of surfers using up to 8 systems at once, just to do their job. This hits productivity and decreases the efficiency of a team.


While Surfboard is critical in informing team members on when and what they are working on, we’re obsessed with making working in a support team as frictionless as possible.


Slack is the most popular communication tool for customer support teams – that’s why it was a no-brainer to bring our schedules to Slack.

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100% of the Beauty Pie team feel that real-time Slack notifications help them stay aligned on their schedules and tasks, giving them clearer daily roles and improving team cohesion.


Improve adherence with schedule notifications

Managers waste hours every day chasing agents to make sure they’re following the schedule. The Surfboard App for Slack removes this much-hated task by sending agents notifications whenever they need to switch task, take a break or finish up for the day, allowing them to follow their schedule directly from Slack; improving schedule adherence and efficiency.

Surfboard's real-time dashboard, intraday schedule and shrinkage reports

Adapt faster in real-time

It’s common for unexpected peaks to happen during the day, and when that happens you need to be able to redeploy your agents as fast as possible to reduce wait times. Whenever the schedule is changed, the Surfboard App for Slack sends agents instant notifications of their updated schedule. No more endless messaging or chasing.


Improve team communication and connection

Agents can also choose to sync their Slack status with their schedule – automatically updating their status with the activity they’re currently working on. Allowing the rest of their team to see who’s online and what they are working on, improving team camaraderie and reintroducing the togetherness support teams felt in person, but for the remote and hybrid world. 

How teams use Surfboard with Slack

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Works with your other tools too

Integrate your WFM with tools like Zendesk, Intercom, Dixa, Salesforce, HiBob, Slack or Google Calendar

An investment that
pays off

Happy teams, reliable SLA performance,

and delighted customers.


Less scheduling time


Less employee attrition


Higher team productivity

Take your team to the next level

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