Surfboard for Dixa

Forecast demand, create schedules and track performance by integrating your Dixa voice, chat or messaging ticket data into Surfboard – the exclusive WFM for Dixa.

Surfboard workforce management integration with Dixa for customer support teams

Used by leading support teams

Utilise your Dixa data

For modern support teams wanting to provide omnichannel support under one unified tool, Dixa is best in class. 


With Dixa’s dominance in industries such as e-commerce, travel, and logistics, their integration with Surfboard means that organisations in competitive industries can have confidence they’ll meet their service levels through accurate forecasting, insightful performance metrics and bullet proof scheduling.

Surfboard is proud to be the exclusive WFM for Dixa, offering a powerful partnership for customer support teams everywhere.

"The most important thing for us when looking for a new scheduling system was an aligned experience across all tools and software that we use, we use multiple platforms on a daily basis and so a seamless integration was key. With Surfboard, we found that."

Liam Nooney, Customer Love Team Lead, Butternut Box


Forecasting for Dixa

To connect Surfboard to your Dixa account, all you need to do is paste the Dixa API key into Surfboard. Surfboard pulls all historical conversation volume data to produce accurate  forecasting


As Dixa is a truly omnichannel provider, when setting up forecasting for Dixa, you can set this by initial channel, direction, country, queue, status or tags. This allows you to customise your forecast so that you can ensure the correct coverage of the number of people and skills to meet customer demand. 

Customer support teams can forecast ticket volumes and generate staffing requirements by combining Dixa data with Surfboard WFM
Customer support teams can track adherence and productivity in Dixa with Surfboard WFM

Schedule adherence for Dixa

Our integration with Dixa allows you to see how well schedules are being followed with our adherence, or time-on-task, capabilities. 


Based on what activity an agent has done in Dixa, Surfboard can pick up whether they’re on or off task. This allows managers to have confidence that customers aren’t left waiting and that they have the correct people scheduled to meet service level targets. 

It also means that if an agent needs help, managers can get a sense of when and where they were struggling to direct their efforts. 


Adherence metrics are visible to both managers and surfers (agents) so that there is improved transparency around performance metrics and to allow agents to manage themselves, superpowered by data. 


Scheduling for Dixa

Surfboard seamlessly integrates with Dixa, empowering businesses to optimise workforce scheduling for their customer support teams. Surfboard’s shift management software enables managers to create tailored schedules based on agent availability, skill sets, and customer demand patterns. Leveraging data from Dixa, Surfboard’s dynamic and automated intraday scheduling enhances productivity, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Surfboard's intuitive UI showing an automated intraday schedule

Seamlessly switch to
Dixa with Surfboard​

Our partnership ensures a smooth migration for both your ticketing and workforce management systems. Trust us to guide you through the process, so you can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional support.

Surfboard and Dixa partnership

How teams use Surfboard with Dixa

Luke Bishop of Katkin

"Integrating Surfboard with Dixa was super easy and once connected the set-up took a matter of minutes. We’re now able to spend less time worrying about forecasting and scheduling and more time on making our Cat Parents happy."

Luke Bishop, Ex-Head of CX, Katkin

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