Faster shift planning

Automatically assign shifts 8 weeks in advance without needing to click a button. Ensure your team knows when they’re working.

Totally automatic

Shifts are assigned automatically and can be tweaked anytime. No clicks or spreadsheets required.

Powered by forecasts

Shifts are tailored to your forecast so you can deliver great service every time.


Fairness baked in

Surfboard uses fairness rules to create fairer schedules to keep your team happy.

Three different shift patterns for weekdays and weekends

Plan for all shift types

Create as many shift patterns as you like and assign different combinations of shifts to meet the needs of different surfers.

A collection of logos for HR calendars that are compatible with Surfboard

Account for time off

Manage time off in one place by connecting your teams calendar or HR system to Surfboard.

Shift planning

Edit shifts with ease

Adjust, delete or add shifts to account for last minute changes and ensure you are well staffed everyday.

The surfer app showing a surfers weekly shifts

Surfers can access their shifts anytime anywhere

Access on any device so surfers can view their shifts whenever they need.

Forecasting for our team was easily the most time consuming task and amongst a year of extraordinary growth became increasingly complex. Surfboard has made this process much quicker and more efficient by providing a solution that is both compatible with our existing processes and is evolving to our ever changing needs.

Caitlin Macrae, Customer Delight Manager, Bloom & Wild

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Use your historical ticket data to predict inflow and understand how many surfers you need 12 weeks into the future.

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