Hypervolt reduce missed calls by 10% with Surfboard

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Shannon Ashley , Design lead

Hypervolt reduced their missed call percentage by 10% since adopting Surfboard and improving staffing accuracy.

Hypervolt is a UK based designer, manufacturer and operator of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solutions.

They provide smart and safe charging, allowing customers to manage their EV charging easily through their main platform and the Hypervolt app.

Hypervolt keeps their customers front of mind and has a customer support team across multiple channels. They provide support from 8:30-20:00, five days a week and have weekend coverage of 9:00-18:30 allowing them to efficiently respond to their customers needs.

Hypervolt is a Surfboard ‘Starter’ user, meaning they use scheduling independent of forecasting. Without forecasting, Hypervolt still gained confidence from Surfboard that they have the right number of people working on the right things at the right time.

Reducing SLAs through simple scheduling

  • Reduced missed call percentage by over 10% since joining Surfboard
  • Granular intraday scheduling so team members know when they need to be available for calls and when other tasks can be allocated
  • Customisable scheduling to allow specific Hypervolt team tasks to be distributed without having to adjust how the team works to fit with planning software

“A simple and great easy to use product from a managers perspective.”

George New, Head of Customer Experience

How having a balanced schedule supports their Surfers

  • The team knows when they need to be working on phones and when they can work on other tasks
  • Staggered breaks give everyone a full hour away from their desks to enjoy lunch without having to worry about the phone coverage
  • Managers have confidence that phones, their most important and SLA demanding channel, will always be well covered with Surfboard’s automatically generated schedules

“Surfboard has removed the phone-anxiety for our Surfers. Its smart rules allow us work through queries on an equal footing for both phone and email.”

George New, Head of Customer Experience