Integrated time off and shrinkage management tools

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Shannon Ashley , Design lead

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a customer service team is accurately monitoring shrinkage, including time off.

Whether it’s planned vacations, unexpected sick days, or various other types of leave, ensuring that these absences are accurately tracked and accounted for can be a complex and time-consuming process. This complexity is often compounded by the need to integrate data from multiple systems, manage teams in different geographies, and ensure that payroll is accurate and timely.

Failing to effectively manage time off can lead to understaffed shifts, decreased service levels, and increased stress for remaining team members. Additionally, without proper tracking, businesses may face difficulties in planning future capacity, understanding shrinkage patterns, and ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Surfboard continues to lead the way for time off management in WFM with a huge variety of integrations and tools designed for international, diverse teams. Keep reading to learn more:

The Surfboard schedule showing synced time off bookings

Manage time off in one-place

Surfboard automatically syncs time off data from 40+ HRIS and calendar systems (including HiBob, ADP and GCal) removing the need to manage time off in multiple places.

This automation removes the likelihood of error or double bookings that can impact your coverage. By continuously synchronising with your existing systems, Surfboard ensures that your time off records are always up-to-date and accurate, whether it’s on-the-day sickness or planned vacations.

Keep on top of your shrinkage

Surfboard combines time off, intraday schedules and synced meeting data to produce all-in-one shrinkage reporting, giving you a clear picture of both your external and internal shrinkage.

Use real shrinkage data to inform your capacity planning or to make decisions when approving time off.

Schedule around time off

By syncing time off data into the schedule, Surfboard enables managers to proactively manage coverage, and automatically schedule around bookings.

When time off is synced from HRIS systems, they can sometimes provide data that’s lacking in detail for – for example, a ‘half day’ could mean 9am – 1pm for some, but 6am – 12pm for others. Surfboard provides the flexibility to edit and refine time off bookings, ensuring that they are accurately represented in the schedule and payroll reporting.

The Surfboard schedule showing a manager refining a time off booking

Streamlined payroll operations via API

To enhance visibility and simplicity, Surfboard visualises various time off subtypes, such as vacations, sickness or maternity leave, directly from your HRIS.

As well as offering transparency to managers, this data also streamlines payroll. Detailed timesheets of both schedule and time off data can be exported via our API or in CSV timesheets, ensuring that payroll can accurately account for every time off policy.

A calendar for every international team

Perfect for international team management, Surfboard allows you to connect multiple HRIS from a our continuously growing collection of integrations. This ensures that time off data from various systems is seamlessly integrated, providing a unified view of your workforce across different regions.

Simplify your time off management with Surfboard

Businesses like Beauty Pie see Surfboard’s time off integrations reduce their planning time by over 5 weeks.

If you’re tired of managing time off in multiple systems or struggling to get a grip of your shrinkage, book a call with our team of WFM experts to learn how Surfboard can fit within your existing tech-stack.