Surfboard for HiBob

Sync your support team’s time off, sickness and absences from HiBob into your WFM schedule.

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All your team's time, all in one place.

HiBob is a modern HR and people management platform designed preferred by many customer support teams to streamline HR processes. It offers tools for onboarding, performance management, time tracking, and culture building to enhance workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. 


Surfboard streamlines operations by automatically syncing data from HiBob, offering full visibility over shrinkage and utilisation every day. 


Seamlessly schedule around HiBob time off

Stop asking your team to book their holiday twice – Surfboard syncs time off bookings directly into your schedule from HiBob. Whether it’s planned holidays, public holidays, or unexpected sick days, with Surfboard you can enjoy full visibility over your team’s time.


Combine schedule and HiBob data to accurately track shrinkage

Many teams struggle to piece together an accurate view of the shrinkage in their customer support team. Surfboard consolidates all data on your team’s time, including time off synced from HiBob, to give you one clear overview of both your internal and external shrinkage.


Make real-time management easy with HiBob data

Ever started a shift and wondered where half your team are? By syncing HiBob data in real-time, managers have enhanced visibility over who’s called out sick, making it easier to adapt and find cover for key channels or tasks. Surfboard makes it easy to see where everyone in your team is and, with a click of a button, redeploy them to new tasks to cover your queues.

Surfboard's real-time dashboard, intraday schedule and shrinkage reports

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Integrate your WFM with tools like Zendesk, Intercom, Dixa, Salesforce, HiBob, Slack or Google Calendar

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Less employee attrition


Higher team productivity

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