WFM Forecasting software: Integrated, customisable forecasting

Connect your ticketing platforms to forecast the staffing needed to hit each of your SLAs, up to 12 weeks into the future.

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vuesax/outline/star Totally automatic

Ticket and staffing forecasts are generated automatically. No clicks or spreadsheets required.

Granular insights

Get detailed forecasts for each of your channels or ticket types down to the hour.



Define different service targets for each ticket group to drive forecast-powered scheduling.

Surfboard forecasting

Visual showing all the integrations and connections that Surfboard has

Connect to your existing tools

Surfboard integrates with your existing customer service platforms so the way you handle your tickets doesn’t change. You can connect as many platforms as you like for free.

Build detailed forecasts the way you want them

Simple but powerful filtering allows you to group your tickets to reflect your customer channels or how your team is structured.

A set of three ticket groups for email, chat and phone.

Own your service targets

Get detailed staffing forecasts by setting up specific target response times and service levels for each ticket group.

Compare forecasted vs actual

Have confidence in your forecasts by comparing predicted volumes against actuals.

Customise your forecasts

Plan for events which will impact your inflow volume by making forecasted adjustments.

WFM forecasting in action

Experience a whistle-stop interactive product tour of Surfboard’s call centre forecasting features.

Forecasting for our team was easily the most time consuming task and amongst a year of extraordinary growth became increasingly complex. Surfboard has made this process much quicker and more efficient by providing a solution that is both compatible with our existing processes and is evolving to our ever changing needs.

Caitlin Macrae, Customer Delight Manager, Bloom & Wild

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