Unlock the strategic value of your data with Scenario Planning

Work out budgets, predict backlogs and plan for shrinkage with scenario planning
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Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

In the unpredictable world of customer support, the strategic importance of scenario planning cannot be overstated. Our latest release enables managers and leaders to facilitate their scenario planning directly within Surfboard, by combining their forecast, targets and schedule data in one powerful, interactive WFM tool.

In our recent blog, we outlined why scenario planning is a vital part of planning for a customer support team. Many leaders find availability as a barrier to entry, relying on scrappy spreadsheets and disparate data which require lengthy set-up and maintenance to work. Surfboard’s integrated Scenario Planning tools gives you instant answers; allowing you to validate ideas, create playbooks and make business decisions, fast.

Surfboard's WFM scenario planning tools let your plan your staffing, goals and even model backlogs

Navigating uncertainties with precision

Customer support teams face a myriad of uncertainties, from fluctuating ticket volumes to unexpected staff shortages. Scenario Planning equips teams with the ability to model various scenarios, providing a proactive approach to potential challenges.

By asking ‘what if?’ questions, teams gain insights into how different scenarios may impact SLAs, backlogs, budgets, and overall customer experiences. This foresight is invaluable in preparing for the unpredictable nature of customer support.

A dashboard showing a scenario for hiring and churn including ramp up time.

Strategic resource allocation

Effective resource allocation is a core part of efficient customer support operations. With Scenario Planning, teams can use data to make informed decisions about hiring plans, budgets, and strategies.

Whether gearing up for a peak season or streamlining operations during a lull, the ability to experiment with different scenarios ensures that resources are optimally deployed. This strategic resource allocation is not only cost-effective but also ensures that the team is well-prepared for any situation.

Customer support teams can use this data to prepare shift plans and activity plans in Surfboard that cater for every scenario. So action and course correction can be taken quickly and easily.

Different customer support schedules prepared for various scenarios

Enhancing the customer experience

Scenario Planning plays a pivotal role in elevating the customer experience. By anticipating potential challenges and planning for contingencies, teams can maintain high SLAs, uphold KPIs, and meet provide consistently high quality support. The result is a seamless and positive customer experience, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

In Surfboard, you can understand the impact that different scenarios can have on your SLAs, allowing you to evaluate the trade-offs that may need to be made.

A dashboard modeling the predicted service levels a customer support team can achieve

Align your business goals

Scenario Planning allows you to connect with the larger organisation by aligning with the broader business goals.

Whether it’s annual planning, quarterly objectives, or business growth plans, Scenario Planning ensures that customer support is a proactive contributor to the organisation’s overall success. This alignment enhances the strategic value of customer support within the larger business framework.

Continuous improvement and adaptability

In the rapidly evolving landscape of customer support, adaptability is key. The introduction of new tools, such as chatbots or AI, requires careful consideration of their impact on support operations. Scenario Planning allows teams foresee potential challenges and iterate on strategies. This iterative process ensures that customer support operations remain at the forefront of innovation and continuous improvement.

Scenario Planning is a vital tool for the strategy of customer support teams, no matter your size. Its value lies in the ability to anticipate, plan, and adapt to the ever-changing needs of customer support. By unlocking this strategic value, teams can navigate uncertainties with precision, allocate resources effectively, enhance customer experiences, align with business goals, and embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

Embrace Scenario Planning as a cornerstone of your customer support strategy, and empower your team to thrive in the face of complexity.

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