Surfboard for Aircall

Forecast demand, create schedules and track performance by integrating your Aircall ticket data.

Surfboard workforce management integration with Aircall for customer support teams

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Utilise your Aircall data

Customer support teams offer phone service to deal with urgent queries and make it easy for customers to get in touch. When phone support is offered, correct scheduling becomes even more imperative to avoid queues from building up. 


Surfboard provides a seamless one-click integration into Aircall that powers accurate forecasting and scheduling

"Thanks to the great support from the Surfboard team, we can now enjoy automated schedules, tasks and shift rotations. The team absolutely loves how user-friendly the surfer view is. We’re happy to be a part of the scheduling revolution.”

Maja Basinska, Community Operations Manager, Wolf & Badger


Forecasting for Aircall

Surfboard is configurable to meet exactly how your Aircall is set up or the specialisations within your team. If you divide up your calls by language or case topic, you can also split your Surfboard forecasting in the same way to maximise accuracy and ensure Surfboard matches the way your team needs to be scheduled.

Customer support teams can forecast ticket volumes and generate staffing requirements by combining Dixa data with Surfboard WFM
Surfboard's real-time dashboard, intraday schedule and shrinkage reports

Real-time monitoring for Aircall

It’s common for phone queues to build up, and when that happens you need to know who on your team is working on what so you can easily move people to cover phones and reduce wait times. 


Schedule adherence for Aircall

Surfboard’s Aircall integration allows you to see how well schedules are being followed, or adhered to, by monitoring agent activity within Aircall. 


Whether an agent is on a call, calling prospects, or hanging up within their allocated time in Aircall, you’ll be able to see whether they’re “on-task” and what their productivity is. 


Other workforce management systems only track “status” within Aircall (online or offline), by going the layer detail in showing the number of interactions, you get a true sense of adherence and productivity. 


Surfboard’s time-on-task data is available for both managers and surfers (agents), enabling agents to monitor their own metrics and ensure two-way accountability.

Track adherence and productivity through Surfboard WFM

Seamlessly switch to
Aircall with Surfboard​

Our partnership ensures a smooth migration for both your telephony and workforce management systems. Trust us to guide you through the process, so you can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional support.

Surfboard and Aircall partnership

How teams use Surfboard with Aircall

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