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Introduction to Ophelos

  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Channels: Phone, Live Chat, Email
  • Integrations: Twilio, Aircall, Front

Ophelos are a new kind of debt collection agency working hard to de-stigmatise the negativity around debt collection. They want to put the feelings of their customers and their businesses first, encouraging engagement to prevent people ignoring their debts and ultimately to improve their financial health.

Ophelos use Surfboard to ensure a wider variety of contact channels are covered at all times, using both inbound and outbound communications For Ophelos, making sure they have enough coverage on their different channels is crucial to their support team and the organisation as a whole. This is clearly reflected in their excellent Trust Pilot rating of 4.5/5 stars

Ophelos save time & effort with Surfboard

Before using Surfboard, Ophelos had a small team and didn’t have any scheduling tool in place and would manually write down the schedule each week and rotate it across the team.

Since Ophelos started using Surfboard, they have automated their scheduling, saving them a lot of time & effort. They have also connected their time-off system, negating the need for any manual schedule changes.

“There has definitely been a reduction in the amount of time I use for scheduling, I will usually glance on a Monday morning for the week ahead and only need to make ad hoc changes depending on company updates etc. So I would say I have saved a good few hours a week.” Shannon, Customer Operations Team Lead, Ophelos

More flexibility has lead to satisfied customers

Ophelos need to use both inbound and outbound channels and have multiple inboxes to help their customers. Before using Surfboard, Ophelos didn’t have any visibility over whether or not each of their numerous channels were being staffed correctly.

Since adopting Surfboard, they have had full visibility over who’s working on what channel, and have granular insights into their daily tasks. The Ophelos support team can feel safe in the knowledge that all of their channels are accurately covered, and that their contacts won’t be left waiting if they have any issues.

Connecting their team

One of the Ophelos values is to “be an open book”, and transparency & accountability are crucial. Surfboard provides the level of transparency they need by improving visibility across the team through Surfboards Slack integration. Their surfers receive notifications, messages, and shift change reminders from Surfboard through Slack.

Previously, they would notify their team of tasks and shift changes by messaging the team directly. Now Surfboard allows their Surfers to easily see when each team member is working and exactly what tasks they’re working on. They’ve really loved the Slack status feature:

“Being able to connect with Slack is great for knowing where we all need to be.”

Human-centred support

One of the core values Ophelos stands by is that “compassion is not a luxury”. They believe that everyone has the right to be treated with compassion.

It’s this alignment of values between Ophelos and Surfboard that makes us such a good fit. The Surfboard mission is to make work more human. We believe that every support agent has the right to be happy. Happy support teams pass this happiness on to the people they help as a result.

For Ophelos, it’s crucial for them to have a system that treats their tight-knit support team with compassion, so they can pass that compassion on to their customers.

I love the aesthetics of surfboard, I love how intuitive it is and I also love being able to set priorities of channels and having a clear overview of the days and weeks.” Shannon, Customer Operations Team Lead, Ophelos

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