WFM RFP template

Your complete WFM RFP template

What is an RFP?

The role of RFP in workforce management solution procurement

  • Can handle scheduling your team with your specific requirements
  • Schedule analytics for absenteeism, shrinkage, and capacity levels
  • Integrates with your existing technology stack
  • Automatic distribution of intraday activities within scheduled shifts
  • Reporting of adherence and performance metrics

How to write an effective WFM RFP 

Essential elements of a WFM RFP template

Integration capabilities with current CS tools

    Modern scheduling features

    Smart analytics features

    Quality user experience

    Step-by-step guide to filling out your WFM RFP template

    For a free, easy to use workforce management RFP template, look no further than Surfboard’s RFP template. 

    • Forecasting and capacity planning
    • Customer support and implementation
    • User / Agent experience
    • Data security and compliance
    • Scheduling
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Budget

    Evaluating your WFM solution proposals

    Learn how to build a solid WFM business case


    Surfboard’s workforce management RFP template is a strategic tool designed to support your transition from outdated systems to a WFM solution that fits perfectly with your operational requirements. This template guides you through an evaluation process, to ensure that your WFM tool enhances your team’s performance and customer satisfaction. 

    By delineating specific requirements and expectations, Surfboard’s template facilitates a targeted search, enabling you to find a WFM solution that not only addresses your immediate needs, but is also scalable to adapt to future growth.

    Our template breaks down essential features into categories like forecasting, user experience, and data security, allowing you to prioritise their needs effectively. It’ll serve as a communication bridge between your team and potential vendors, ensuring that proposals are completely aligned with your team’s needs and objectives. 

    If you haven’t already, download our free template below – get started on your next step to customer service success today!


    What is an RFP?

    How do you write an RFP?

    How do I use a WFM RFP?

    What is RFP in BPO?