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Generate efficient, SLA-hitting shift and activity schedules in minutes, powered by integrated forecasting and reporting. Without sacrificing the happiness of your team.

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Simplify your scheduling with Surfboard


less time spent scheduling


reduction in employee attrition


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Transform your scheduling

Connect your stack

Surfboard seamlessly connects with your existing systems like HRIS, payroll & billing, CRM, ticketing, and time off, making it the single source of truth for your support team.

Visual showing all the integrations and connections that Surfboard has

Forecast accurately

Connect your ticketing platforms to generate granular forecasts of ticket volumes and staffing required to meet your service targets, including the ability to make adjustments based on changes in demand.

Create flexible shift schedules

Create effective shift patterns, round robins and rotations, to provide the best coverage, while taking your team’s preferences and availability into account.

Automate your intraday scheduling

Automated scheduling designed to meet your SLAs, reduce costs and give you time back to use for more meaningful work, like coaching your team or improving processes.

Get insights on your team

Understand where time is spent and lost with simple yet powerful reporting. Gain insights into your schedules for continuous improvement.

Trend graph for the service heros team, highlighting that Bogdan was the top performer

Remove your timezone stress

Remove the chaos of managing and scheduling international teams. Schedule surfers across the globe, in multiple timezones and languages.

Feel connected

Surfboard’s dedicated surfer app, boosted with integrations like Slack and calendar sync, allows surfers to access their schedule wherever they need it.

Surfboard slack integration product screenshot

Thanks to Surfboard, we enjoy automated schedules, tasks and shift rotations. The team absolutely loves how user-friendly Surfboard is, and we’re all happy to be a part of the scheduling world revolution.”

Maja Basinska, Scheduling & Planning Lead, Wolf & Badger

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