Turn your support team into a profit centre

Meet the home of your customer support strategy. Identify hidden costs and inefficiencies across your entire support function. Unlock the profit-driving opportunity of proactive customer care alongside omnichannel human and AI service resourcing.

A customer support agent proactively messaging a customer with a deal. Their schedule and performance stats are shown alongside

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Surfboard customer logos
Surfboard customer logos

Optimise everything with Surfboard

Capacity planning


Improvement in staffing accuracy through forecasting and scenario planning

Operational efficiency


Improvement in utilisation through automated goal led intraday scheduling

Agent performance


Improvement in adherence through transparent reporting and agent tools

BPO costs


Reduction in BPO costs through consolidated insights and analysis 

Forecasting and capacity planning

Run a lean, efficient support function

Connect data from multiple systems to simplify capacity planning and resource management. Adapt your strategy as your business evolves, integrate AI and consistently meet your SLAs with automated scheduling.

Tyler Wilkes

“Surfboard has been so valuable to our success and ensuring we have the right capacity in our team.”

Tyler Wilkes, Senior Strategy and Ops Lead, GrowTherapy

A CFO asking an Ops lead if their support team has capacity to support billing, showing a capacity plan and utilisation chart.
Surfboard's real-time management dashboard showing the distribution of agents on each channel and their status, alongside slack notifications

Real-time management

Adapt on the fly

Use data to guide your next best action and stay on-course. Navigate changing inflow levels, monitor real-time shrinkage, adherence and performance across every team.

Ben Gardner from Drift

“A key component to our support is making sure we can adhere to our SLA guidelines for response and in order to do so we need to have people available at the right place and right time”

Ben Gardner, VP of Customer Support, Drift

Performance reporting

Grow a high-performing team

Track performance across your human and AI support teams and maximise your results. Understand behavioural trends, productivity and adherence to foster a high-performing, engaged team.

Alex Fitzgerald

"As our team grew by 20x in 18 months, Surfboard was exactly what we needed to maintain high quality customer service at scale.”

Alex Fitzgerald, Founder, Cuckoo

Tables showing performance metrics for a tier 1 and BPO support agent
Charts showing the staffing details for a BPO team

BPO management

Manage BPOs confidently

Effortlessly manage in-house and BPO teams side-by-side. Forecast demand, review coverage and monitor performance across diverse, global teams. Experience real data equality.

Isobel Mills

"I can’t imagine how we would do anything without Surfboard. As our team has grown, it’s grown with us. We’ve got multiple outsourced teams and Surfboard makes it really easy to manage them all in a democratic and simple way."

Isobel Mills, Lead Customer Delight Manager, Bloom & Wild


Push data in, pull insights out

Pull ticketing and performance data from your contact platform, telephony and CRM systems. Sync time off from HRIS. Push data where you work with our Slack integrations and REST API.

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Why leading support teams prefer Surfboard

Why Surfboard?

We’re changing the face of WFM, for good

We’re focused on building tools that empower support teams to evolve and improve, not stay tied to outdated ways of working. As teams embrace AI, its important not to lose focus on the human aspects of support. Our top-rated support, dedicated CSMs and speedy onboarding set our customers up for success from day one.

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