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Wolf & Badger takes the age-old values of skill, craftsmanship, and quality, and combines them with an innovative platform that takes the effort out of finding sustainably and ethically produced jewellery, fashion, accessories, homeware and beauty, without having to compromise on quality and design. 

Like Surfboard, Wolf & Badger are a B-Corp. Their values of ethical sourcing, transparency, and conscious business practices, along with their focus on sustainability and community position them as an anomaly driving positive change in today’s fashion industry.

Founded by brother Henry & George Graham in 2010 with a small boutique in Notting Hill, Wolf & Badger has become a global physical and online platform, reaching millions of customers worldwide. They now have physical locations in London, New York, and Los Angeles, with teams operating out of London, the USA, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

Wolf & Badger and Surfboard, a Success Story

As Wolf & Badger grew their physical locations and their digital platform, they needed to bring on customer success agents (we call them surfers) to accommodate the growing demand for their products. They initially used spreadsheets but found it didn’t meet their needs, and scheduling their surfers became an ongoing issue. Wolf & Badger did a lot of research, outlined their requirements and evaluated a number of scheduling providers.

That’s where we came in. With Surfboard, Wolf & Badger managed to achieve a significant amount of value from implementing some critical capabilities. They needed to fairly distribute a large number of different activities across the team, schedule shifts in multiple time zones and provide appropriate coverage to an ever expanding customer base.

Read on to learn how we solved these problems, creating value for Wolf & Badger: 

Shift rules and rotations

Their team has 3 core shift rotations in each timezone allowing them to cover customer support from 9:30-00:00 GMT. Their surfers work in the UK, US and New Zealand. Their shifts work on a rotating basis, also taking into account weekend coverage and additional coverage in their London flagship store. 

Our release of rotating shift patterns was essential in setting up Wolf & Badger’s schedule and was a game changer for Maja Basinska, their Scheduling Executive. 

Thanks to the great support from the Surfboard team, we can now enjoy automated schedules, tasks and shift rotations. The team absolutely loves how user-friendly the surfer view is. We’re all looking forward to the upcoming feature releases and we’re happy to be a part of the scheduling world revolution.”

Maja Basinska, Scheduling Executive.

Importing Google Calendar Events

As support teams grow, how team members spend their time can also change. Wolf & Badger have a number of Experts across their team, such as Brand Experts and De-escalation Experts. Surfboard has the ability to pull events from google calendar. The event title is also visible on the schedules of both managers and surfers, so that everyone can get the undisturbed time they need to do their best work.

Increased transparency

With the ability for surfers to see who else is available and what they are working on, Wolf & Badger have been able to empower their surfers to easily escalate customer queries, have better visibility, and build team camaraderie.

Towards the end of October, Wolf & Badger were able to host their first community training day. Knowing their customers were in safe hands with the support of their LA team, the UK team were able to spend the day focusing on how they can truly champion customer care. 

Team Views has been a valuable addition for them, as described by Maja Basinska, Scheduling Executive for Wolf & Badger’s London team:

Team Views is one of the most helpful features. We have 30+ agents and we handle multiple tasks and channels every day. Giving the team visibility into others’ schedules saves us time, makes us more efficient and ensures a smoother operation.”

Wolf & Badger and Surfboard, Aligned Values

Not only do we provide Wolf & Badger with a collaborative shift planning tool that improves their scheduling and shift planning, we enable them to do a lot more too. At Surfboard, Wolf & Badgers’ values of transparency, open communication and having a human-centred approach to doing business are certainly not lost on us. 

Our mission is to make work more human, and we empower Wolf & Badger to help us achieve this mission in the following ways:

  • Providing their team with their schedule 8 weeks in advance
  • Enabling their team to see who’s working on what with surfer team view
  • Plan shifts accordingly to their team’s lifestyle.

If you’re an organisation like Wolf & Badger and you’re looking to scale your support team, feel free to get in touch to see if we can help you get there. 

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