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“Thanks to the great support from the Surfboard team, we can now enjoy the efficiency of automated schedules, tasks and shift rotations”

— Maja Basinska, Scheduling Executive, Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger, a B-Corp, take craftsmanship and quality, and combines them with an innovative platform that takes the effort out of finding sustainably and ethically produced jewellery, fashion, accessories, homeware and beauty. Their comprehensive customer service reflects the quality of their products.

Wolf & Badger’s challenges

Navigating growth challenges

Over the years, the brand has evolved into a global force, boasting both physical and online platforms that cater to millions of customers worldwide. Their expansion includes brick-and-mortar locations in London, New York, and Los Angeles, with operational teams spanning across London, the USA, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

As Wolf & Badger expanded its physical and digital presence, the need for a streamlined approach to customer support became apparent. The company, in its pursuit of sustainability and community building, faced challenges in efficiently scheduling and managing their customer success agents. Initial attempts using spreadsheets proved inadequate, leading to ongoing scheduling issues.

In response, Wolf & Badger began researching their options, outlining their requirements and exploring various scheduling solutions to address their growing demands.

How Surfboard helped Wolf & Badger

The use of Surfboard brought forth significant value by addressing crucial challenges faced by the fashion brand. Here’s how Surfboard revolutionised Wolf & Badger’s scheduling and operational efficiency:

Rotating shifts

To accommodate a global customer base and ensure round-the-clock customer support, Surfboard introduced three core shift rotations in each timezone– UK, US, and New Zealand. This rotating shift model, inclusive of weekends and special coverage for their flagship store in London, became instrumental in achieving comprehensive coverage from 9:30 to 00:00 GMT. This innovation proved to be a game-changer for Wolf & Badger’s scheduling process.

Unifying shift schedules

As Wolf & Badger’s support team diversified with various experts, including Brand Experts and De-escalation Experts, Surfboard incorporated new agents without missing a beat. Importing Google Calendar events with event titles visible to both managers and surfers, gave the team enhanced visibility into each other’s commitments, helping create a more efficient and collaborative work environment.

Increasing transparency

Surfboard’s contribution went beyond scheduling by promoting transparency within the Wolf & Badger team. With the ability for surfers to see their colleagues’ availability and tasks, the company empowered its customer success agents to easily escalate queries, enhance visibility, and build a stronger team camaraderie. This newfound transparency even allowed Wolf & Badger to host a successful community training day with confidence in their teams’ capabilities.

Aligned values

Besides just filling Wolf & Badger’s operational challenges, Surfboard also matched the brand’s values. By providing a collaborative shift planning tool that prioritises transparency, open communication, and a human-centred approach, Surfboard carried on Wolf & Badger’s mission.

Surfboard supported the brand in providing schedules eight weeks in advance, promoting team collaboration through the surfer team view, and allowing shifts to be planned in conjunction with the team’s lifestyle. 

“Team Views is one of the most helpful feaures. We have 30+ agens and we handle multiple tasks and channels every day. Giving the team visibility into each others’ schedules saves us time, makes us more efficient and ensures a smoother operation.

The team absolutely loves how user-friendly the agent view is. We’re all looking foward to the upcoming feature releases and we’re happy to be a part of the scheduling world revolution.”

—Maja Basinska, Scheduling Executive for Wolf & Badger London team

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