Mercuryo attains a 90%+ service level with Surfboard

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Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

Mercuryo maintains a 90% plus service level using Surfboard; scheduling live chat, quality assurance and KYC checks across three timezones

Company: Mercuryo is a global payments infrastructure platform aimed at reinventing the ease of making payments. It does so by providing businesses from both the fiat and crypto worlds with a wide range of financial services and products, accessible through single API integration.

Industry: Payments

Headquarters: London, UK

Integrations: Intercom, BambooHR, Slack, Google Calendar

The challenge

Operating within the financial services industry, the Mercuryo support team responds to live chats within 5 minutes, targeting a 90% service level attainment.

With the team split across three geographies and rotating day shifts, afternoon shifts and night shifts, scheduling became a nightmare on spreadsheets for Phil Andrews, Mercuryo’s Head of Customer Service.

Phil looked to Surfboard to solve four main challenges:

  1. Scheduling the teams shifts and knowing who is supposed to be working and who isn’t based on specific rotations set out in their employment contracts
  2. The need for more process around scheduling non-inbound tasks such as KYC checks
  3. Timezones were causing unneeded confusion to figure out who was working different hours across their three geographies
  4. Forecasting and connecting Intercom heat maps to a scheduling tool to have the right levels of coverage within working hours

      “I had worked with other workforce management systems before and looked to Surfboard to give me a single source of truth but with a relentless focus on building what matters really well, rather than building too much the way other systems have done” – Phil Andrews, Head of Customer Service

      Surfboard’s solution

      Mercuryo started using Surfboard in April 2023. Phil had experience working with workforce management software before where onboarding was a chore. He was thrilled he could get Surfboard up and running within a week.

      They got immediate value from automating their shift plan rotation, where their different teams spanning different geographies have different rotating shift patterns.

      Additionally, Mercuryo is able to customise their intraday schedule to ensure they have sufficient time spent on KYC checks, reporting and quality assurance. They’ve created separate schedules for their surfers still in training to make sure that new joiners have sufficient time to get ramped up with the right training in place.

      Surfboard has automated connections into Mercuryo’s entire tech stack: Intercom for live chat, BambooHR for time off, Slack for communication and Outlook for calendar events. This meant that Phil’s team got a single source of truth connecting their disparate systems into Surfboard.

      “Our four managers are able to seamlessly create different plans and schedules on Surfboard for different events, whether it’s new joiner onboarding, our standard plan or more bespoke plans.

      Surfboard makes it easy for us to configure our schedule to what the business needs” – Phil Andrews, Head of Customer Service

      Timezone management is now a breeze in comparison to scheduling in other workforce management systems that still require manual calculations to be made.

      The team customises their break windows to optimise lunches at the right time – so the team can get a well deserved break without leaving support channels inadequately covered as a result.

      In addition to the Mercuryo team being able to onboard within a week, they’ve also been blown away with the speed of development and new feature releases from Surfboard.

      “We wanted an Outlook export, and within weeks the Surfboard team had shipped it. Their customer success and obsessive focus on building the right things for their customer has exceeded our expectations”

      Key features used by Mercuryo

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