Surfboard for GCal

Improve support team adherence, productivity and team connection with Surfboard’s Google Calendar WFM integration.

Surfboard Google Calendar WFM Integration

Used by leading support teams

Works where you work

Schedules are a vital tool for any shift worker. Whether they’re checking tomorrow’s tasks, planning time-off or just making plans with friends – schedules are key.


At Surfboard we’re obsessed with making working in a support team as frictionless as possible. That’s why our Google Calendar integration was a no-brainer, making it possible for surfers to take their schedules with them wherever they go.

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Connecting to Butternut Box’s existing tech stack of Dixa, CharlieHR, Slack and Google Calendar meant that the operations and team leads have one view to know exactly where time is spent and how that contributes to their service level targets.


Improve adherence with better schedule visibility

Managers waste hours every day chasing agents to make sure they’re following the schedule. Teams can feel confident that surfers are up-to-date and on top of their schedules with Surfboard’s Google Calendar integration. Allowing their team to follow their schedules directly from their preferred calendar; improving schedule adherence and efficiency.

real-time management via Surfboard and Google Calendar

Adapt faster in real-time

It’s common for unexpected peaks to happen during the day, and when that happens you need to be able to redeploy your agents as fast as possible to reduce wait times. Whenever the schedule is changed, surfer’s Google Calendar’s will instantly update too. No more endless messaging or chasing.


Utilise Google Calendar data to offer direct customer booking

Increasingly, support teams are opting to allow customers to book 1-on-1 video calls via tools like Calendly or Hubspot. However, it’s vital that your team’s availability is clearly communicated from their calendar to the booking platform. Surfboard offers advanced tools to control the visibility of events, meaning your surfer’s will never double-book their phone time again.

Schedule visibility to other colleagues

Better connection to the rest of the organisation

Support team’s time is often more closely guarded than other functions within an organisation; with live-channel and offline time carefully scheduled according to a forecast. Surfboard’s Google Calendar integration provides vital visibility to colleagues in other functions, making it easier book team meetings and 1:1s, without disrupting service.

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Works with your other tools too

Integrate your WFM with tools like Zendesk, Intercom, Dixa, Salesforce, HiBob, Slack or Google Calendar

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pays off

Happy teams, reliable SLA performance,

and delighted customers.


Less scheduling time


Less employee attrition


Higher team productivity

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