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Easily quantify the value your team will gain from clear, easy to follow scheduling and performance reporting from Surfboard.

Cost Calculator
$ an hour
What’s this? The average amount of time your surfers work on service, excluding things like breaks, meetings and training.
What’s this? Full time staff in Europe usually work 48 weeks a year and in the US it’s 50 weeks.

Your return on investment

through better productivity

10x $25,950
+100 Additional hours per week
What’s this? Additional hours of time you gain from your surfers being on-task
+$100 Productivity gains per year
What’s this? Monetary equivalent of additional time gained from your surfers being on-task
-9 Headcount saved in future
What’s this? Surfer headcount equivalent of additional time gained from your surfers being on-task
Based on a 12% increase in productivity through tracking time on-task and sharing scores with your team

Save time with automated scheduling

Automated scheduling and forecasting out of the box, designed to meet every one of your SLAs.

Supercharge surfer productivity by 3x

Schedule to maximise efficiency and fairness. Easily report on adherence and performance.


Improve your customer experience

Feel confident that you have the right people, on the right tasks, at the right time – every time.

Want to measure the ROI of scheduling software?

Surfboard’s suite of tools provides savings in multiple ways

  • Reduced attrition and related costs
  • Increased productivity
  • More efficient use of surfers
  • More visibility over your costs

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