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“I genuinely believe Surfboard is game-changing and ultimately a must-have for start-ups once they drift into 15+ seats.”

Luke Bishop, Head of CX, Katkin

Introduction to KatKin

For uncompromising cat parents who want the best, KatKin goes hardcore for cat health. They cut the fluff, think fresh and channel hardcore love into industry-wide change. From fresh food to litter to treats, KatKin do things the right way. Even if that means the hard way. They’ll keep pushing until hardcore love is the standard for cat care everywhere. So cats jump higher, zoomie faster, purr louder and live longer.

KatKin’s team of Cat Experts offer support from both the UK and South Africa ensuring they can offer a full team of support on weekends and UK bank holidays.

KatKin joined Dixa in November 2021 to help their team support their customer base. Since then, their team has doubled in size and KatKin implemented Surfboard to support this rapid growth while maintaining their industry’s highest TrustPilot rating: 4.9 stars from 3000+ hardcore cat parents and counting.

Surfboard & Dixa integration

Dixa is one of Surfboard’s tier one partners, allowing support centric organisations to bring together multiple channels for communicating with customers in one place. Dixa has been widely adopted by e-commerce companies across the world who want to offer omni-channel support.

Dixa categorises tickets differently from other providers, grouping them as conversations rather than tickets. As a preferred Dixa partner, Surfboard is able to extract data from Dixa conversations in the correct format to drive accurate forecasting and staffing calculations.

Seamless set up with no engineering involvement needed

Integrating with Dixa through Surfboard is easy. We’ve worked hard to simplify our ticket group set up so it doesn’t become a headache, and this process is even more seamless when using Dixa.

The KatKin team simply gave Surfboard a Dixa API token and we did the rest, taking less than 24 hours to pull in the historic data. See more about connecting Dixa to your Surfboard account here.

”Integrating Surfboard with Dixa was super easy and once connected the set-up took a matter of minutes. We’re now able to spend less time worrying about forecasting and scheduling and more time on making our Cat Parents happy”

Luke Bishop, Head of CX, KatKin

Surfboard and Dixa work together to ensure a frictionless integration

At Surfboard, we have a direct line of communication with our partners and work closely together to ensure our customers are getting the best experience on both platforms and that our technology works together in the best way possible.

The success and solutions engineering teams at Dixa and Surfboard have a close relationship to fix customer issues and always have data flowing in the correct way so customers can use the software they love in the way they want.

During onboarding with Surfboard, you receive a customised approach to understand your objectives and requirements. You can reach out to our success team with any additional questions outside of onboarding calls via intercom on the website for solving real-time questions.

“It’s amazing to see the collaborative impact two partners can have on CX strategy for a premium brand like KatKin.”

Amandeep Dosanjh, Head of Customer Success, Dixa

Our relationship leads to the best customer experience

At Surfboard & Dixa, we’re passionate about creating smooth customer experiences. A big part of this is improving the agent experience. We constantly keep up to date on improvements that both teams are making and how these product changes can sync together.

Our engineers have done various projects to understand the way Dixa uses analytics and how they define customer metrics. We also have aligned on previous feature releases to ensure compatibility of the products and accurate forecasting results.

Surf your way to better scheduling, improve your teams happiness, and scale your CS team with brand-loving customers!

What can Surfboard do for you?

As mentioned above by Luke Bishop, Head of CX at KatKin:

“Surfboard is game-changing and ultimately a must-have for start-ups once they drift into the 15+ seats.”

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