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“I genuinely believe Surfboard is game-changing and ultimately a must-have for start-ups once they drift into 15+ seats.”

Luke Bishop, Head of CX, Katkin

KatKin, a brand devoted to feline health, is on a mission to revolutionise the cat care industry with its uncompromising approach for dedicated cat parents. From fresh and nutritious food to premium litter and treats, KatKin prioritises quality, pushing boundaries to establish hardcore love as the standard for cat care worldwide.

KatKin’s challenges

The team, comprised of Cat Experts in both the UK and South Africa, ensures comprehensive support, even on weekends and UK bank holidays. Since joining forces with Dixa in November 2021, KatKin has experienced exponential growth, doubling its team size. Amidst this rapid expansion, maintaining their industry’s highest TrustPilot rating of 4.9 stars from over 3000 satisfied cat parents became a top priority.

KatKin sought to maintain this level of service and stay competitive amongst other retailers. To cope with this challenge and keep their loyal customers happy, Katkin turned to Surfboard to streamline and enhance their support teams.

How Surfboard helped KatKin

Integrating commmunication and data

As a tier one partner of Surfboard, Dixa’s software is key in setting up coherent, efficient communication channels.  Dixa’s unique approach of categorising tickets as conversations, coupled with Surfboard’s expertise, ensures accurate forecasting and staffing calculations, crucial for maintaining high-quality support services.

The integration process between Surfboard and Dixa is not only efficient but also user-friendly, requiring no engineering involvement. By providing Surfboard with a Dixa API token, the KatKin team witnessed a swift integration process, taking less than 24 hours to pull in historical data. Surfboard and Dixa collaborate closely to guarantee a frictionless integration, allowing KatKin to focus on its core mission of delivering top-notch cat care.

Enhancing agent and customer experience

Surfboard’s commitment to a smooth customer experience extends beyond the integration phase. The success and solutions engineering teams at Dixa and Surfboard maintain a tight-knit relationship, working together to address customer issues and share data between the platforms.

This collaborative effort enhances the overall customer experience and allows businesses like KatKin to scale with confidence.

“It’s amazing to see the collaborative impact two partners can have on CX strategy for a premium brand like KatKin.”

—Amandeep Dosanjh, Head of Customer Success, Dixa

At Surfboard & Dixa, the emphasis on creating smooth customer experiences goes hand in hand with improving the agent experience. Regular updates and improvements from both teams are prioritised to ensure compatibility and accurate forecasting results.

Dedicated engineers at Surfboard focus on analytics, customer metrics, and feature releases in order to enhance scheduling and boost team morale–  and ultimately scale customer support teams for those who share a passion for their brands.

”Integrating Surfboard with Dixa was super easy and once connected the set-up took a matter of minutes. We’re now able to spend less time worrying about forecasting and scheduling and more time on making our Cat Parents happy”

—Luke Bishop, Head of CX, KatKin

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