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We’re Surfboard. Simple, intuitive scheduling software built for customer support teams.

Surfboard's shift schedule provides timezone support, rotating shifts, multiple shift plans, time off and split shifts

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Why you need customer support scheduling software

Spreadsheets weren’t built to manage the complexity of customer support team scheduling. Customer support scheduling software allows you to integrate your disparate systems into one source of truth, enabling to you adopt flexible forecast-led scheduling and effortlessly understand exactly how each team operates.

Why Customer Support Scheduling software

Why Surfboard is the best customer support scheduling software

  • Assign shifts 8 weeks in advance with zero clicks automatically
  • Create schedules easily for international teams with time zones to automate your scheduling.
  • Seamlessly sync time off from your HRIS or calendar into your schedule through iCal links with time off.

Benefits of customer service scheduling software for team managers

  • Automatic, forecast-led activity scheduling ensures you can create fair, efficient schedules to meet your SLAs.
  • Gain more visibility over your entire your support team with out-of-the-box reporting and performance tools.

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Detailed forecasting

Use your historical ticket data to predict inflow and understand how many surfers you need 12 weeks into the future.


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