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We’re Surfboard. The first collaborative scheduling software with integrated forecasting and intuitive shift planning built for customer support teams.

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Why customer support scheduling software?

Customer team scheduling can get challenging. From last-minute cancellations, and no-shows to unplanned sick leaves, it can impact your team’s productivity. Customer support scheduling software can streamline creating and managing your support team’s scheduling.

Why Customer Support Scheduling software

Why is Surfboard the best customer support scheduling software?

  • Assign shifts 8 weeks in advance with zero clicks automatically
  • Create schedules easily for international teams with time zones to automate your scheduling.
  • Seamlessly sync time off from your HRIS or calendar into your schedule through iCal links with time off.

Benefits of customer service scheduling software for team managers

  • Use smarter activity scheduling to automatically link your activities to forecasts to meet your daily targets.
  • Give your support team a complete view of their schedule and a live list of who they work with, thanks to the multiple integrations feature.

Surfboard’s reviews

The product is easy to view and understand by our team and new features and improvements are constantly being made. It was more simplified and easy to go from this from a spreadsheet, other alternatives almost felt too complex


Customer Delight Lead

Source: Software Advice

It has made a previous very difficult task of managing a schedule, very easy now. To do date, I have found the using the platform to be very intuitive and very simple to male amendments as required


Customer Operations Lead

Source: Software Advice

Before we used surfboard, I don't think anyone understood our inflow and capacity as they do now. The spreadsheets we used to manage this in the past were clunky, broken and slow to put together

Source: G2

"Thanks to Surfboard, we enjoy automated schedules, tasks and shift rotations. The team absolutely loves how user-friendly Surfboard is, and we’re all happy to be a part of the scheduling world revolution."


Senior CD Associate

Source: Software Advice

We now don't need to spend valuable time manually creating schedules, and we also know that each task is well-staffed


Onboarding Specialist

Source: Software Advice

Overall I've enjoyed this experience. The automation of tasking based on prior inbound tickets is a lifesaver. It takes the guesswork out of scheduling peoples' weeks and ensures they're where they need to be for our customers


CX Team Lead

Source: Software Advice

I love that it does most of the heavy lifting, meaning I can concentrate more on other tasks than having to monotonously schedule each day out, it gives me a lot of time back.


Customer Operations Manager

Source: Software Advice

Super easy to use, easy to navigate and everything is very self-explanatory, love that it takes absences from charlie HR


Customer Operations Team Lead

Source: Software Advice

Surfboard has revolutionised our way of scheduling. It's easy to use for both admins and users, it offers great features and there are more on the way.The top releases for us are Slack integration for the Team and shift pattern rotation for the admins.


Scheduling Executive & Supervisor

Source: Software Advice

Want to see how Surfboard works?

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Detailed forecasting

Use your historical ticket data to predict inflow and understand how many surfers you need 12 weeks into the future.


Intraday activity scheduling

Automatically schedule your team’s daily activities so they know what they’re working on.

Activity Scheduling

Shift Planning Software

Customise shift plans based on your team’s unique needs and experience seamless support operations.

Shift Planning

ROI Surfboard

Avoid last-minute no-shows and boost your team’s productivity with customisable shift plans to achieve returns like never before.

ROI Calculator


Efficient shift management directly affects business outcomes by ensuring optimal resource allocation, improved productivity, reduced scheduling conflicts, and enhanced employee satisfaction. Surfboard is an intuitive shift planning tool that helps businesses streamline operations and achieve better results.

As an activity scheduling software, Surfboard empowers businesses to improve workforce operations through intuitive shift planning. By building shift plans based on the unique needs of your team, Surfboard ensures efficient scheduling, better coordination, and increased control over your workforce, leading to improved productivity and performance.

Yes. Surfboard’s customer support scheduling software provides customer support to help you with concerns or queries. Our support team ensures helping you make the most out of the platform and ensure a smooth shift-planning experience for your business.

Surfboard's shift planning software is designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses. Employee scheduling software for small businesses provides access to split shift planning, flexible work patterns, and simple timezone management, assisting small firms in streamlining their operations and staying organised.