Virtuo plan for multiple languages long-term with Surfboard

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Surfboard’s staffing recommendations have helped Virtuo manage the complexity of a 24/7 customer service team across four countries and languages.

Virtuo is a premium car rental company operating in France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. They offer support over phone, email and live chat.

With their support team covering four different languages and open 24/7, Virtuo works with Surfboard so they always have the coverage they need to respond to their customers quickly.

Thibault from Virtuo

Surfboard gives us the granularity we want in order to assess the number of staff needed for each task by day and time of the week

Thibault de Roulhac, Director of Customer Experience, Virtuo

Forecasting across languages and geographies

Surfboard works with Virtuo to provide hourly forecasts of tickets and the corresponding number of people needed to meet their target response time.

By splitting this by language and channel, Virtuo has clarity on who needs to be available at any time to manage avoiding over-staffing or under-staffing, including across different languages.

Long term planning

Ahead of budget setting for 2022, Virtuo used Surfboard to plan for how many people they would need in the coming year. Using a combination of Virtuo’s historical seasonality as well as their growth model, Surfboard was able to show how the support team would need to scale over a 12 month period.

Thibault from Virtuo

Surfboard helps us to forecast the number of conversations per language for the years to come. It definitely helps a lot as it challenges the way we used to do internal forecasting for our customer support teams

Thibault de Roulhac, Director of Customer Experience, Virtuo