Improve accountability and compliance with time and attendance reporting

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Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

Keeping track of your team’s working hours can be a real pain. Especially if it’s for the purpose of making sure schedules are followed and your team is paid the right amount, including for overtime.

Using spreadsheets or paper timesheets to keep track of your surfers’ scheduled working hours and their clock in and out times is a tedious and time-consuming process. That’s why we’ve built time and attendance reporting.

Get easy visibility into when your team is working, ensure compliance and make payroll processes seamless.

Keep track of actual hours worked

No more manual processes to keep track of when your team is working – get live, dynamic, and accurate data on your team’s working hours.

Track exact working hours, and make payroll management and performance reviews a breeze. No more manual calculations, confusing formulas, or misplaced timesheets. View your entire schedule from planning to reporting, all in Surfboard.

We’re also seeing more legislation with requirements for companies to report actual working hours to avoid unpaid overtime. Our time reporting feature ensures compliance for laws or company policies relating to this.

Enable easy communication

Your team can easily communicate when they’re late or early in Surfboard.

Your surfers can quickly clock in and out of shifts to notify you of any changes in a way that allows you to adapt your plans to meet your service levels if your schedules need changes.

Detailed, exportable data

Export your team’s working data to a CSV and easily import it into any HR and Payroll tool. Keep track of your team’s hours and ensure that they are fairly compensated for overtime work.

Track unplanned overtime

Working in customer support can be physically and emotionally draining. Easily track unplanned overtime, so you can make sure your team finishes work on time and gets the rest they need.

Surfboard’s new time and attendance feature is a game-changer for managers who want to simplify their team’s time tracking.

Streamline your team’s time tracking process and improve your overall productivity by saying goodbye to manual processes.

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