Klaus powers their customer service-obsessed scheduling with Surfboard

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Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

By seamlessly integrating with help desk systems, Klaus streamlines internal feedback, eliminates traditional challenges and ensures businesses elevate their customer interactions.

In a world where top-tier service is key, Klaus champions straightforward customer interactions.

With Klaus’s relentless focus on superior customer service interactions, their selection of Surfboard as their scheduling product is a vote of confidence from the best of the best.

Company: Klaus provides AI enhanced software for customer service teams to automate quality assurance, boosting CSAT and NPS
Industry: SaaS

Headquarters: Talinn, Estonia

Features used:

The challenge

As a SaaS company with extremely high standards for what constitutes good customer service (they really believe in dogfooding!), responding to customers quickly and maintaining a high quality are imperative for their success.

Their homegrown spreadsheets meant they couldn’t track their coverage requirements against their schedule. The friction of having their team check what they were supposed to be working on meant that no one checked the spreadsheet, resulting in lack of visibility or optimal task allocation.

“Before using Surfboard, I was using a spreadsheet to track our schedule which was a lot of manual work and nobody really used it. I also wanted to forecast our volume and staffing needs but I had no idea how to start.” – Chris Jewitt, Head of Customer Support

Surfboard’s solution

Klaus started using Surfboard in July 2023.

Connecting their Intercom setup to Surfboard, they have been able to see their ticket volume in order to schedule according to forecast.

With a support team that handles a variety of tasks (of course quality assurance being one of them), scheduling the non-inbound tasks at optimal times, when the coverage requirements are the lowest, ensures enough time is allocated to non-inbound tasks.

As a globally distributed SaaS company, Klaus also has to manage its teams across different timezones. This also means making sure that tickets get handed over by utilising their follow the sun model of working using the Surfboard shift pattern builder.

“Surfboard is really simple to use and allows us to understand what coverage we have and what everybody should be doing every hour of every day.”

Surfboard’s Shift Pattern Builder enables Klaus to manage growing complexities of daily operations across timezones with ease

Easy implementation meant the Klaus team could get set up in days

Having a dedicated customer success manager meant that the Klaus team could get set up at pace. They were onboarded diligently, making sure that their Intercom data was pulling through correctly, their forecasts were working as expected and that the schedules could be configured to their specific ways of working.

There’s nothing better than cat-ching waves on a Surfboard! 😽

Chris couldn’t be happier with Surfboard’s onboarding experience: “The Surfboard Customer Success team took us through setting up all of the features to make sure we had a clear schedule and could forecast with ease. The onboarding happened at our pace and really made it easy to adopt the tool.”

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