Customer service forecasting doesn’t need to be complicated

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Customer service forecasting can be a complicated topic but at Surfboard we don’t believe it has to be this way. That’s why we’ve improved the way customers setup their forecasts to make getting up and running with Surfboard as fast and simple as possible.

One of the most important steps of forecasting is ensuring you’re using the right data. If you use the wrong historical ticket data then your forecasts won’t be accurate. The way customers manage their data within Surfboard is via Ticket Groups. Ticket Groups allow customers to organise their ticket data by the type of work their team does in order generate forecasts for each group.

Back in March 2022 we released Automated Forecasting which focused on getting customers up running with forecasting as fast as possible. Our latest set of improvements build on top of this to make it even easier to manage ticket data and ensure good forecasting.

Simple, easy ticket filtering

Say goodbye to wasted time spent copying and pasting names, ids and tags. Surfboard now pulls these values direct from customer contact platforms making it faster and easier to get the right data into Surfboard and ensure good forecasting.

Preview filtered tickets

Customers can now have greater confidence that their ticket group contains the tickets they need via the new preview chart, which shows the number of matching tickets their team received in the last 7 days.

Keep in the know

Customers are now highlighted to problems early with ticket group statuses, which let them know when their ticket groups are setup correctly or when there might be an issue that they need resolve.

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