Lingoda clear email backlog through forecast-driven scheduling with Surfboard

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Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

Lingoda provides online language courses via video conferencing. Despite being based in Germany, their customer service team of 22 agents spans 11 geographies. 

Lingoda started working with Surfboard in 2023 to improve visibility and structure into what their agents were working on to ensure accurate capacity planning. 

Company size: 400

Industry: Education

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Founded: 2013

Key results with Surfboard

Within four months of adopting Surfboard, they were able to reduce their email backlog to zero from a daily number of unsolved tickets hovering around 300. 

The challenge

With a support team spread across the globe, Lingoda faced the challenge of implementing a structured support strategy that accommodated the individual needs of the team and balancing coverage requirements for their diverse customer base across different languages, time zones and skill sets. 

Lingoda’s support leaders sought to clarify better where their agents were spending their time and ensure they were working on the most important tasks at the right moments. Without this, their setup led to a backlog, which grew faster than it could be dealt with, particularly on the weekends, making for stressful Mondays. 

Surfboard’s solution

Using Surfboard, Lingoda could seamlessly implement a structure meaning their team now follows a preordained shift pattern and works on queues when the forecast indicates they’re most needed.

Their ticket backlog has been eradicated and the team consistently hits SLAs, so the backlog won’t build back up.

Lingoda as a business can rely on its support team, as they now support Lingoda’s customers more predictably, to effectively help facilitate the business’ growth.

“Thanks to Surfboard we were able to clear our backlog to zero and now have scheduling processes in place to avoid it from creeping up again.”

–– Alexandre Moreira, Workforce Manager

Struggling to control your own backlog?

If your organisation is facing similar challenges, get in touch to learn how Surfboard’s integrations and smart, automated scheduling can prevent backlogs.

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