Surfboard rated the most implementable WFM with best results in G2 summer 2024 report

G2 badges for best relationship, best results and most implementable
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Picture of Natasha Ratanshi-Stein

Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

Surfboard has won 31 badges in the G2 summer awards, solidifying our position as the best WFM for mid-market companies. 

While we’re ecstatic to win awards for the best results and most implementable, amongst others, what matters the most is the awards we win for best relationship. 

Our customers are everything to us and these awards reflect our commitment to working with them to ensure Surfboard is the most loved WFM, in a market we entered because software providers are notoriously unloved

As a new player in an established market, summer 2024 marks our third consecutive quarter of winning over 30 awards. Founded in 2021, we saw an opportunity to make workforce management simpler, smarter and fairer to benefit support managers, agents and ultimately end customers. 

In the last six months we have been working relentlessly towards building more for the mid-market, a segment that previously was left behind by WFM providers, especially for customer service teams between 50 and 400 agents. 

Our product has evolved to include the most comprehensive performance reporting dashboard in the industry, more granularity around adherence reporting, an open API to connect Surfboard data to a support team’s internal tools, and tighter integrations into the broader customer service tech stack. 

A better alternative to competitors 

Some of the best praise that came through this quarter were from customers who have migrated from other WFM systems. 

Alongside an exceptional UX / UI, Surfboard customers who left our competitors like Playvox, Assembled and Zendesk WFM (Tymeshift) cited data accuracy and better integrations as a key reason they prefer Surfboard. 

Having used Playvox prior to switching to Surfboard, this felt like a breath of fresh air.

Agent, MyTutor

Moved from Assembled. Wouldn’t go back 🙌. It’s probably saved us 10 hours a week as well as being a much more satisfying user experience. The Time-on-Task feature is also far more sophisticated than Adherence metrics I’ve used before

Dan, Cleo

We were most recently on sheets having left Tymeshift but we were swamped with how manual it all was. Luckily Surfboard’s time on task logic helps a lot as does it’s demand forecasting. Super easy and automated, I have everything at my fingertips now.”

WFM, HealthTech

The best user experience in the industry

Since day one, our product team have been focused on building a simpler, smarter and fairer WFM that’s easy to learn and use. Many teams cite extended learning curves and difficulty using traditional workforce management software which can hinder operational efficiency as much as it lowers the user experience.

Our customers rave about the modern, intuitive UI/UX of our product, making us the most implementable WFM out there. Here’s what they had to say:

“Super clean WFM platform that does an amazing job listening and applying user feedback.”

“Streamlined and easy to use, Surfboard has been an improvement to my team’s ways of working.”

Building for teams investing in AI

We’ve spent the last two years building a better WFM experience for internal & BPO teams. Over the last six months, we’ve been designing what our product looks like as we invent what WFM means when a support team is split between human support and AI deflection. 

Whether it’s forecasting and capacity planning to orchestrate the ideal split of how inflow gets tackled, comparative performance metrics of humans vs. bots, or scheduling proactive tasks so that support teams can truly become profit centres, Surfboard’s product will be the all-in-one WFM for the hybrid team creating the best workplace for CS agents and utilising the best AI technology.

Why do G2 reviews matter?

Software buyers rightfully start their search on G2 to get a true sense of how well prospective vendors work for their use case based on actual user reviews. With over 80 million users, G2 is the largest global SaaS review site. 

G2 collates review scores quarterly to rank suppliers in their respective industries to help buyers identify the best vendors and compare solutions. 

In the G2 spring report, users awarded Surfboard 31 badges for:

Employee scheduling

Workforce management