Surfboard wins 29 new badges and awards in G2 winter report 2024

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Picture of Natasha Ratanshi-Stein

Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

We’re delighted to announce that Surfboard has won 29 G2 awards for being the best workforce management and employee scheduling tool in the market for Winter 2024.

What is G2? 

G2 is the largest software review platform globally, with over 80 million users visiting their site per year to review, compare and assess software vendors. 

G2 enables businesses to make informed decisions about software and technology products. 

Through collecting feedback from real users, decisions can be made by comparing different providers across different parameters including ease of use, quality of support, product quality, pricing and ease of doing business with. 

What G2 awards has Surfboard received? 

G2 offers quarterly reports designed to help users assess software options, make solution comparisons, and monitor the progress and development of different software products. 

G2 badges and awards are recognition and achievement markers given to software products and companies based on how much their users love them based on reviews on the G2 platform. 

In the G2 winter report 2024, users awarded Surfboard 29 badges for:

    Employee scheduling

    Surfboard has won multiple G2 awards in the Employee Scheduling category including Best ROI, Easiest to do Business With and Best Support

    Workforce management

    Surfboard has won multiple G2 awards in the Workforce Management category including Easiest Set-up, Best Support and Easiest to do Business With

    What our customers say about us on G2 

    You can read more of our reviews on our G2 page.


    Surfboard has been a fantastic tool for our company and has completely re-shaped our workforce management approach to our team. We wanted something we could use daily, that was quick, and simple to use, not just for our team leaders, but for our agents too.

    The team over at Surfboard have been incredible, and are not only understanding of our needs, but always quick to suggest more efficient ways of work. Elva and Adam have been amazing and incredibly helpful through the entire process.

    “Absolute Game-Changer”

    Surfboard has completely changed the way we work as an organisation. Before, we were managing our contact centre schedules using Excel spreadsheets and spending hours of time preparing them and updating them. The teams found them confusing and our adherence was very poor.

    Surfboard allows us to prepare schedules really easily and provides a clear, user friendly interface for agents. It is completely customisable and can be as simple or as complex as you like.

    The implementation and onboarding have also been superb. Our Customer Success Manager is absolutely brilliant and nothing is ever too much trouble. 

    This is honestly one of the best implementations and vendor relationships I have ever seen and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    “Exactly what we were looking for and more

    We’ve adopted Surfboard to streamline our team scheduling and it’s been transformative. No more spreadsheet headaches!

    Our productivity and staffing levels are now crystal clear, helping us plan effectively.

    The forecasting is a standout, integrating smoothly with our support CRM and tools. With just a few clicks, Surfboard starts predicting our needs, making our preparation for the future confident and well-informed. It also simplifies sharing projections with partners, cutting down our quarterly prep time significantly.

    The platform’s design is user-friendly, making it accessible for all team members, regardless of their tech savvy.

    Moreover, the team at Surfboard is top-notch. They’re not just another vendor; they’re a dedicated partner in our support operations, truly committed to our success.