Workforce management (WFM)

Team Planning Software

We don’t like the intrusive ways of working that “WFM” imposes. We’re not building for a workforce, we’re building for a team. We’ve experienced the pains that come with scaling a customer service team. 

While responding to calls and tickets has been made easy through customer service software, planning and scheduling has been left behind with antiquated and manual approaches. These tools don’t bring out the best in teams, don’t give you flexibility and are often just cobbled together sets of features that don’t do anything well. 

We built Surfboard, from the ground up, to do something better.

Happy teams

A happy team means making sure a service role is balanced and not having surfers on phones all day, every day. Fair scheduling means more than just having the right number of bums on seats. 

Happy customers

We’re built for companies that want to avoid building up a backlog and long phone wait times. We help you build schedules that have enough people online but in a balanced way that avoids burnout. 


We call them Surfers

We call agents “surfers”. Contacts come in waves, and surfers are the ones riding these waves. We’re providing them with the tool to be able to do this: Surfboard.

My team needs to trust our forecast behind their schedule because it informs when they work and what they work on.  Thanks to Surfboard, our surfers know that they’re on a channel for a reason and as a result, our SLAs and KPIs have improved massively and all without the headache of having to draw up a rota on a Google Sheet.

Rose Goodbody, Decorator Success Manager, Lick Home

Meet the team


Founder & CEO

Previously Chief of Staff at Bulb where scaling customer service was a key challenge. Prior to Bulb, Natasha was a venture capitalist after starting her career at Goldman Sachs.



A serial CTO, Matt previously was a co-founder at Credit Kudos, the challenger credit reference agency. Prior to fintech, Matt worked in data science and analytics at Universal Music Group.


Data Science

Patrick previously worked as a data scientist for a cybersecurity startup called Tessian, after studying Computer Science at KCL.



After graduating from the BA Design course at Goldsmiths University, Ellie worked as an in-house designer on a variety of digital, print, and product design projects before joining Surfboard.



Amina previously worked at Bulb where, like Natasha, she learned the impact of managing customer service correctly. Before Bulb she also worked at other startups as a full-stack engineer.



Nora previously worked at The Nest by Webhelp building scalable CX solutions for startups. Prior to that, Nora worked across Sales, Account Management, CX and Product at City Pantry (now Just Eat for Business).



Max previously worked as an in house UX designer at Close Brothers Group designing digital products across a range of sectors. Prior to this, Max worked at IBM as a design consultant.



After studying Creative Engineering in Paris, Romain worked for different start-ups before joining Bulb as a full-stack engineer, where he was in charge of their mobile app.



Olivia previously worked at TouchNote and worked across talent and people operations. Before this, she worked in generalist growth role at another micro-startup where she helped to scale the company.



After graduating from Imperial College, Jonathan worked as a full-stack engineer at Google and Palantir.



Alex worked in the customer experience team at Bulb before becoming their first IT employee as the company grew rapidly. After leaving to complete a coding bootcamp he joined Surfboard as a junior developer.



Shannon previously worked as a product designer at Bulb. Prior to that, Shannon worked at design and innovation consultancies for global clients where she created digital products, services and experiences.



Following an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies, David trained as a Software Engineer at Flatiron School. He worked at Nando’s for a couple of years before joining Surfboard.

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