Surfboard for Talkdesk

Surfboard’s Talkdesk integration facilitates advanced forecasting, demand-led scheduling and easy real-time management in one simple WFM tool.

Surfboard Talkdesk WFM integration

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Talkdesk is a cloud-based contact center platform for managing customer interactions across multiple channels, including phone calls, emails, chat, and social media. 


Offering features such as automatic call distribution, IVR, analytics, and integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, Talkdesk is growing in popularity in the world of customer support.



Surfboard offers a seamless integration into Talkdesk, as well as many of the CRMs it works with, utilising ticketing data to powers accurate forecasting and scheduling.

"As our team grew by 20x in 18 months, Surfboard was exactly what we needed to maintain high quality customer service at scale. Surfboard automatically schedules our team to meet our SLAs in the most efficient way possible. With Surfboard, I have full confidence that our customer experience team is running to plan and that we’re able to provide fast response times in line with what our customers expect of us."

Alex Fitzgerland, Founder, Cuckoo


Forecasting for Talkdesk

Surfboard’s Talkdesk integration adapts to every setup, whether you use omnichannel, voice or chat support. Easy configuration allows you to mirror your setup in your forecast, allowing you to filter your forecast by languages, tiers, topics and more. By customising parameters such as shrinkage and concurrency, Surfboard ensures accurate staffing requirements tailored to each channel, optimising resource allocation for efficient customer service.

Customer support teams can forecast ticket volumes and generate staffing requirements by combining Dixa data with Surfboard WFM
Surfboard's real-time dashboard, intraday schedule and shrinkage reports

Real-time monitoring for Talkdesk

Surfboard provides real-time visibility into your team’s capacity across each of your Talkdesk channels, including omnichannel interactions. This comprehensive view allows you to monitor everything from service time to offline tasks. If there’s a sudden surge in wait times, chat queues, or a decline in SLAs, Surfboard empowers you to swiftly reassign agents to address these bottlenecks with a simple click, facilitating efficient queue management and faster response times.


Scheduling for Talkdesk

By utilising Talkdesk data, Surfboard enabling businesses to streamline workforce scheduling for their customer support teams. Through Surfboard’s shift management software, managers can create customised schedules that consider agent availability, skill sets, and customer demand patterns across Talkdesk’s channels. Leveraging data from Talkdesk, Surfboard’s dynamic and automated intraday scheduling ensures enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Surfboard's intuitive UI showing an automated intraday schedule

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