What’s your scheduling style? Take the quiz

A frantic octopus, calm dolphin, sneaky crab and chilled turtle
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Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

There are many ways to schedule a customer support team, from the super flexible, agent-focused approach to the hyper-organised, ‘every second forecasted’ approach.

There’s no wrong way to do it, but the way you schedule can have a big impact on your team and the results you can achieve.

Take the quiz and learn more about your own scheduling style.

Take the quiz to find out your scheduling style

Maybe you’re a Cautious crab, focused on data and metrics that set your team up for success, or you could be a multi-tasking Owning-it octopus who never breaks a sweat.

If you find yourself stressing more over preferences than reports you could be a Diligent dolphin. And, if you find yourself asking ‘what’s all the stress about scheduling?’ you may be a Untroubled turtle.

Whatever your style is, we’ve put together a bunch of helpful articles and guides to develop your style further.

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