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Real-time adherence dashboard from Surfboard WFM
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Shannon Ashley , Design lead

At Surfboard, we understand the critical importance of real-time adherence to support team success. Crafting efficient, demand-led intraday schedules requires significant strategy. When agents deviate from these schedules, issues can quickly snowball: wait times increase, backlogs expand, and additional pressure mounts on the agents who remain.

Real-time management is all about diagnosing issues to keep service on track and maintain your SLAs. But, to make good decisions, you need good data. Many teams experience issues with disparate data, leaving them with blind spots or that feeling of ‘driving but not sure where you’re going’.

We’re thrilled to introduce an upgrade to our existing time-on-task feature to provide you with real-time adherence and productivity data. Keep reading to learn more:

The smarter way to track adherence

Many WFM tools rely on shallow data like agent status or tickets ‘viewed’ which are vulnerable to gaming and doesn’t give enough insight into what agents work on, or how they work.

Our unique metric, time-on-task, combines adherence with productivity to give you a clear view of how much time agents spend actively working on the correct tasks – removing the guess work.

View activity across multiple systems at once

Increasingly, teams rely on multiple systems to support all their channels. Surfboard provides a blended view of real-time adherence across all of your systems.

From voice support via Aircall, live chat and async messaging via Intercom, to omni-channel systems like Dixa and Zendesk, you can say goodbye to tab hopping and consolidate your data in Surfboard.

Monitor your team at a glance

We’ve made it simple to keep an eye on multiple agents at once, removing the need to trawl through systems, inboxes or channels to see who’s online.

With clear status markers covering everything from productive time, inactivity and offline tasks or breaks, it’s easier than ever to know who’s doing what.

Understand productivity in real-time

Our activity timeline gives you a detailed view of how well each agent is following their schedule in real-time, including how productive they are at the same time.

Select any period of time to view what the agent actually did and for how long, including the option to open ticket URLs directly from the timeline. Perfect for spot checking behaviour like cherry-picking.

Make data-driven decisions

Remove the need for chasing and checking and utilise real-time adherence to stay connected to your team:

  • Identify where surfers are under-utilised or idle in quiet channels and move them to high-priority activities.
  • Get feedback and confirmation when surfers switch task, reducing the need for additional communication after real-time adjustments (made even simpler with our Slack App).
  • Proactively identify agents who are stuck on long calls or open chats so you can adapt and adjust breaks accordingly.
  • See if surfers continue to work after their shift ends to avoid unplanned overtime.

Get real-time adherence for your team

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