Surfboard rated the best mid-market workforce management tool in the G2 spring 2024 report

Surfboard rated best WFM for EMEA in Spring G2 awards
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Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

We’re excited that we’ve won 31 awards in the latest G2 spring 2024 report.

Surfboard customers are raving about our usability, support, relationships with our customers and ease of implementation. 

We know that too often in workforce management, software is built with little consideration to the end users; managers, planners and agents. We’re building the most user-centric WFM for customer support teams and our customer reviews reflect that. 

The leading WFM mid-market solution 

Prior to Surfboard, the mid-market was underserved by WFM vendors. With a clear need for a solution that isn’t spreadsheets but without needing the feature bloated enterprise vendors, Surfboard serves the need for a simpler, smarter and fairer solution. 

With our relentless focus on ease of use, configurability and integrating all customer support systems with one single source of truth, Surfboard has made it easy for mid-market customers to delight customers with quick responses whilst creating a fair way of working for customer service agents. 

What’s next? 

We’re always building for companies who want to provide industry leading customer service alongside being great places to work. We’ll continue to work with customers across our key industries: e-commerce / retail, financial services, healthcare, travel, SaaS, utilities and BPOs. 

We’re proud of the customers we work with and the impact they have on their industries. We’ll continue to build what matters for customers through extensive research and listening carefully to our customers. 

With AI developing more prominent use-cases within the customer service industry, we’re building the default tool for teams to plan capacity, manage their peaks and understand team performance. 

Why do G2 reviews matter?

Software buyers rightfully start their search on G2 to get a true sense of how well prospective vendors work for their use case based on actual user reviews. With over 80 million users, G2 is the largest global SaaS review site. 

G2 collates review scores quarterly to rank suppliers in their respective industries to help buyers identify the best vendors and compare solutions. 

In the G2 spring report, users awarded Surfboard 31 badges for:

Employee scheduling

Workforce management

What our customers say about us on G2

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