The values we live and work by

Detailed below are the values that the Surfboard team lives by.

Aim high

To have a gigantic impact we need to be thinking out of the box. We’re changing a very antiquated industry and so need to be constantly evolving the way we think.

Be pragmatic

We combine data and strong instincts to come up with the right approach that balances moving quickly with building things right. We focus on customer outcomes and do everything possible to achieve these.

Live the mission

Our mission is happy team, happy customers.
This means what we build has to impact all stakeholders, avoiding any short term temptation or distraction.

Keep it simple

We’re building a product to make things easier in a complex industry with numerous metrics, tools and working models. In order for us to build the best product, simplicity is key. Less is more and we also keep our communication simple and to the point.

Balance and fun

We do our best work when we have balance in our lives. We see our family and friends, we take holidays and we don’t burn ourselves out. We know the work will never end but we’ll only change the world of customer service by being healthy and happy.

Failing = learning

We’re going to make bold bets which requires not being afraid to fail. We will make mistakes and as long as we own up to them, it’s a good thing. We’re also humble enough to not be afraid to say “I don’t know”.

Be relentless

We’re solving a complex problem which means we will encounter setbacks and difficulty. We don’t let these stop us.

Own it

We each act for the company beyond our own interests. We’re accountable to each other, our customers and the wider society that we’re working towards improving. This means anything and everything is within our remit. We get things done.

Empower others

We have each others back and are reliable. We lift each other up so we as a company and as individuals can reach our full potential. We feel comfortable expressing an opinion but when a decision is made, we embrace it fully and pull out all the stops to make it a success.

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