We’ve got a problem with traditional Workforce Management software

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Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

At Surfboard, our principal belief is that having happy surfers (🏄 that’s what we call customer service team members) is the key to having happy customers. This central idea is behind the software that we create.

We want surfers and team leaders to be able to use  our tools with ease. That’s why we appreciate simplicity. We’re obsessed with creating intuitive features of the highest quality. And we’ve got a problem with unnecessary complications.

Traditional Workforce Management systems are becoming more convoluted. Constant feature updates might make you think that your Workforce Management software experience is improving. After all, the shiny new bells and whistles are helping you manage your team right?

Well… Not really.

The addition of fancy-but-difficult features is harmful to surfers, team leaders, and the customer experience.

We’ve got a bone to pick with traditional Workforce Management software. This is why:

Feeling bloated?

Here’s the scenario: your Workforce Management software adds a new feature. It seems exciting. It fits a niche, and it seems easy enough to operate in the demo. But when it comes down to using it, the feature is complex. It’s counterintuitive. And because it is only required in particular scenarios, it ends up being mostly unused.

Despite being untouched, these new features build up over time. They clutter your workspace. Your Workforce Management software starts to feel unpolished and unstreamlined. There’s too much in there, but none of it is built to perfection.

Creating complex tools that are seldom used is not the way to go.

At Surfboard we are constantly talking to the people who use our software. We find out exactly what is needed, and we implement those recommendations. We don’t waste time making redundant tools. We also get rid of any feature that isn’t helpful and easy to use.

This leaves team leaders and surfers free to assist customers instead of wasting time trying to work out how to use software (that’s not even needed).

What’s with the hold-up?

New features on Workforce Management software can take a really long time to put into practice. In some cases, we’ve seen clients use software with a 3 month implementation time.

Why is this such a time-consuming process? Can the software be that difficult to grasp?

We can’t say for sure. What we can say is that Surfboard connects you to features within minutes. We integrate directly into your ticketing and phone systems. From there, you’ll be up and running with forecasts and fair shift planning before you can finish your morning cup of coffee.

You could use all of that extra time to customise any forecasts and shift plans we give you. So why wait?

Optimisation is for systems, not humans

We often see claims that Workforce Management software companies are aiming to achieve ‘increased workforce efficiency’. If you ask us, that’s a pretty big red flag 🚩🚩🚩.

We don’t like associating ourselves with the idea that humans can be ‘optimised’. We want our software experience to be streamlined, not the people using it.

The language we use should reflect our beliefs. That’s why at Surfboard we don’t build workforces. We build teams.

(Click here for an in-depth look at why we don’t consider ourselves Workforce Management software)


The bottom line

Surfers and team leaders want to provide excellent customer service. We think that traditional Workforce Management software companies build features that get in the way of that goal.

Our team planning software is built to help people organise themselves without them needing an analytics degree.

We’re proud to say that at Surfboard we:

  1. Build tools that are actually needed
  2. Say no to unnecessary features
  3. Remove excess
  4. Give instant access to the use of our software
  5. Create simple, effective team planning software loved by everyone, not just managers

Tired of waiting for features that clutter your space?

Don’t wait three months for overly complicated Workforce Management software. You can book a demo to try Surfboard today and get set up within minutes.