Anna Money automates the scheduling of over 20 tasks using Surfboard

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Natasha Ratanshi-Stein , Founder & CEO

“A huge time saver — Surfboard has saved me many hours of manual, mundane editing, along with minimising the risk of human error.”

 — Jamie Wynn, Product Designer for the CX Development Team

Anna Money is a trailblazer in the fintech industry, offering a business current account tailored for startups, freelancers, and small businesses. Their platform combines a business current account with a Mastercard and a digital admin assistant, making financial management seamless for their clients.

Anna Money’s challenges

Anna Money was on a roll. As they made waves in the fintech industry, their team grew bigger– things started getting complicated. Those simple spreadsheets they once used for scheduling started to feel like a tangled web. Every new member added another layer of complexity, turning what was once a straightforward process into a jigsaw puzzle of availability, shifts, and SLAs.

The team’s visibility into each other’s activities became clouded. They wanted to make sure they had the right coverage to meet their SLAs, but without a clear view of the team’s activities, they were shooting in the dark. This lack of clarity wasn’t just a risk to their renowned service quality, but also introduced inefficiencies in resource allocation. Anna Money needed a change; they needed a game-changer that could keep up with their pace.

How Surfboard helped Anna Money

Efficient activity scheduling

Surfboard activity schedule for a large group of agents, complete with over 20 unique activities

With Surfboard, Anna Money effortlessly scheduled a diverse range of 20 activities. From managing live channels and handling non-service tasks to allocating personal time and breaks, every facet of their operation was seamlessly covered. Surfboard’s versatility ensured that each activity, regardless of its nature, was efficiently allocated and tracked.

Different teams have different needs. With Surfboard, Anna Money could run different plans for various teams simultaneously, ensuring that each team’s unique requirements were catered to.

Round-robin scheduling

Three round robins created in Surfboard for different teams, shifts and dates

Anna Money faced a challenge of ensuring that out-of-hour shifts in the evenings and weekend shifts, were allocated both fairly and transparently among the team.

Surfboard’s round-robin structure provided the ideal solution. By rotating through designed rolling patterns, all team members shared equal responsibility of out-of-hour duties. This approach not only ensured an equitable distribution, but also brought clarity and predictability to their scheduling process.

Advanced activity rules

Anna Money took advantage of the full suite of Surfboard’s advanced activity rules. Equipped with the perfect tools to craft an optimal schedule, they could efficiently fill shifts, allocate specific time blocks for individual or team-based tasks like training and company meetings, and set detailed staffing coverage for various time windows throughout the day.

With the option to set individual targets, each team member knew exactly what to focus on and for how long, ensuring a precise and efficient schedule which actually worked. 

Surfboard helped Anna Money set up customised break rules, too. Bearing in mind not all breaks are built the same, Surfboard’s customisable break rules allowed Anna Money to assign breaks every four  hours, aligning perfectly with their operational rhythm.

Integrations for a smoother business

A user converting an activity plan with over 20 rules into a team schedule

The integration with Slack ensured that team communications were always in sync with their schedules. Moreover, the ability to integrate meetings from Google Calendar meant that Anna Money’s team could effortlessly merge their work schedules with other commitments, ensuring a holistic view of their day and week.

With Surfboard, every tool and feature was designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

“So many great features that we now implement which help us a run a smoother business, such as integration with Slack and integrating our meetings from Google Calendar.”

— Team Lead at Anna Money

Team visibility and collaboration

The Surfboard surfer app shown on Mobile, including the activity schedule, team working list and individual performance

The Surfer App is a game-changer for Anna Money’s CS team. They particularly loved the visibility Surfboard provided, and appreciated being able to see who else they were working with. This feature fostered a sense of community and collaboration among the team.

Additionally, the delightful touch of emojis added a sense of fun and personalisation to their scheduling experience.

“I think it’s easy to use and great to see what everyone else is doing too which I find super helpful when needing to DM someone — especially on a weekend!”

– Customer support agent at Anna Money

Exceptional support from Surfboard

Anna Money’s collaboration with Surfboard wasn’t just about the platform; it was also about the exceptional support they received. The dedication of the Surfboard team to address Anna Money’s unique needs and challenges was evident in every interaction.

“Super helpful Account Manager — we can’t praise Elva enough! She’s so helpful and patient, always at our beck and call. We haven’t made it easy for her, but nothing is too much trouble.

The whole Surfboard team is fantastic, in fact, they take on board all our wants and needs. The tech guys manage to create magic so quickly!

— Team Lead at Anna Money

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