Introducing our new shift plan view

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We’re proud to announce that we have made shift planning even easier. You can view and manage all you team’s shifts directly within surfboard with our new schedule view

Take a step back

You might have already met one of our latest creations – Shift Planner. We’re super proud of it. If you aren’t familiar, Shift Planner is an easy-to-use tool that automates fair shift creation. When we released Shift Planner, we promised you that we would constantly make it better for surfers and managers. We meant that.

Let’s take a look at the native integration of Shift Planner and find out why it will make your life easier.

If it ain’t broke

We don’t want to shake things up unnecessarily. All the features you loved in the previous version of Shift Planner are still here, unchanged. We’re still intelligently combining forecasts, calendars, and team settings to generate fair shift plans.

Play fair

We believe that a happy team means happy customers. Surfers can’t be happy with shifts that they don’t know about until they happen. A Living Wage Foundation study recently revealed some shocking statistics:

  • Almost 40% of UK workers are given less than a week’s notice of their shift times
  • 12% are given less than 24 hours’ notice

At Surfboard, we find that unacceptable. That’s why we’re committed to the first fair Shift Planner.

Shift Planner lets surfers and managers know where any given surfer should be, and when. We do this eight weeks in advance, so surfers can plan their lives outside of work. If you want to read more about what already makes Shift Planner great, click here. Now check out our new view:


Stay right here

As of today, Shift Planner has been fully integrated into the Surfboard app. That means that your custom-generated shift plan is available right on your dashboard. And it’s fully interactable.

Just click on any surfer’s name, and you’ll immediately see when and where they are needed.

Need anything changed? No problem. The native version of Shift Planner is 100% tweakable. Fine-tune any of Surfboard’s recommended shift plans to suit your exact needs.

Death to spreadsheets

We are saying no to anything that isn’t available in one place. That place is our dashboard.

With native integration, managers and surfers are able to view shifts in the easiest way possible. And without looking for names on spreadsheets. After all – spreadsheets are for statistics, not humans.

We’ve made this process simple. We don’t think that managers should have to stress about complex statistical analysis when considering their team’s work patterns.


Takes minutes, not months

Some companies take up to three months onboarding their ‘workforce management software’ (we don’t like that term and we refer to what we build as ‘team planning software’). We don’t understand how or why any process should be that long.

At Surfboard, we can confidently tell you that the native version of Shift Planner is quick to set up. Extremely quick.

Just give us a few moments to plug into your ticketing and phone systems. We’ll take over from there. Within minutes, you’ll have actionable shift plans for all your surfers.

Get simpler, smarter and fairer shift plans now

We want to make surfers’ and managers’ lives better. Let us do that for you.

If you want to try the native version of Shift Planner, please get in touch