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Surfboard's calendar sync lets you sync your schedule to your chosen calendar
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Shannon Ashley , Design lead

We’ve just released a game-changing feature that makes staying on top of your schedule smoother than ever before. Surfers can now sync their Surfboard schedule right to their own personal calendar, so they can effortlessly manage their day.

We know how crucial it is for surfers to stay on top of their schedules, whether they’re riding the customer support waves or catching some well-deserved downtime. That’s why we’ve made it super simple for surfers to combine and track their work shifts and personal commitments all in one place. Say hello to a more seamless work-life balance.

So, how does it work? Here’s the lowdown:

Get Surfboard where you need it

Syncing your Surfboard schedule to your preferred calendar is quick, easy and simple.

We’ve got everyone covered whether they’re a Google Calendar guru or an Outlook Calendar enthusiast. Surfers can add their schedule to their work calendar, or even on their own phone. Just a few clicks, and they’re ready to go!

Avoid last-minute requests

We get it—everyone has a lot going on, both inside and outside of work. With Surfboard’s calendar sync, surfers can effortlessly manage their shifts and personal commitments side by side. No more last-minute Slack messages or missed social occasions.

Surfboard keeps you in the loop

Not only does Surfboard export surfers’ shifts and activities straight to their calendars, but it also keeps them in the loop with automatic updates. Whenever a new version of the schedule is published, their calendar updates too. No more confusion or missed shifts.

Combined with our Slack app, surfers now have more options than ever.

Customise your notifications

We believe in putting teams in control. With Surfboard’s calendar sync feature, surfers can use the existing notification preferences they’ve set up in their calendars. So they can choose how and when they want to be reminded about upcoming shifts, and personalise it however they want. It’s all about personalised support, right?

Smooth teamwork, no wipeouts

Surfboard’s calendar sync doesn’t just benefit you—it’s a game-changer for the entire support team. Now, customer support can collaborate seamlessly with other departments, reducing the risk of double-booking or miscommunication. Catching waves together has never been easier!

Your data, your security

Worried about someone else riding your wave? Don’t be! We’ve got your back with safe and secure iCal links. Only you can access your Surfboard data, ensuring your schedule stays yours and yours alone.

So, how do surfers get started? It’s as easy as copying their schedule calendar link (also known as an ‘iCal link’) and adding it to their preferred calendar. Their Surfboard shifts and activities will then sync, and they’ll be ready to go.

Ready to sync your team’s schedules?

Surfboard’s calendar sync feature is a total game-changer for customer support teams. We’re stoked to bring your team this effortless way to stay organised, increase productivity, and achieve that perfect work-life balance.

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