Democratise team scheduling through enhanced WFM permissions

Surfboard WFM offers full access control for more collaborative, efficient support team scheduling
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Shannon Ashley , Design lead

Software access may not sound glamorous, but it’s a vital tool for democratising scheduling responsibilities. By empowering team leads and supervisors to take charge, you can intelligently distribute the workload, ensuring that every team member plays a role in the scheduling process, reducing bottle necks and points of failure.

Improved collaboration

Surfboard’s flexible permissions allow you to cater for every member of your team. From Team Leads working closely with a single team, to the senior agents who temporarily jump in to cover. Real-time analysts optimising in the moment, Operations managers making strategic, structural changes and even department heads. With Surfboard, everyone can receive a tailored experience with the tools they need, and more importantly don’t – fostering collaboration and accountability.

Safeguard what matters

One of the cornerstones of effective scheduling is control. Unfortunately many tools on the market take it too far, resulting in the locked-down centralisation of edit-rights, and antiquated workflows to make simple changes. Not to mention the chaos of spreadsheets. We detailed the importance of these ‘hidden’ features in our eBook, Building your WFM business case.

With Surfboard, you maintain full authority over who can view or edit schedules. This granular control allows you to safeguard sensitive data and critical workflows without sacrificing everyday collaboration within your team.

Save time and up-skill others

Customer support is a busy and often understaffed function, with podcast Get out of wrap, reporting that time is the #1 constraint that managers are dealing with. By delegating responsibilities you can gain back time, work more efficiently, and up-skill others at the same time. Whether it’s streamlining shift approvals, managing lunch breaks, or designing new shift plans, chances are there are tasks that could be easily managed by others. Surfboard’s coverage and insights data helps guide other team members to make better decisions, while giving full visibility over any changes that are made.

Flexible control

Just like the rest of Surfboard’s tools, permissions can grow with your team as they do. Surfboard’s dedicated surfer app gives agents their own space to manage their schedules and keep in touch with their team. Agents can be upgraded to an admin at any time, for one or multiple teams, allowing their profile to change as their role does too. Permissions can be granted temporarily or permanently too, allowing for the full customisation that Surfboard customers have come to expect from all our tools.

Our enhanced Team Permissions offers a holistic solution to improving efficiency in your scheduling and management team. By empowering your team leads and supervisors and providing granular control, you can transform scheduling from a burdensome task into a collaborative endeavour.

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